Gail Mabalane Dragged For Posing In A Bikini

Pastor Kabelo Mabalane says people should just relax!

By  | Aug 18, 2020, 09:28 AM  | Gail Mabalane  | Drama

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Gail Mabalane left trolls with chest pains after posting a sizzling picture of her wearing a bikini.

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The throwback picture saw people pulling out bible verses in order to make her feel guilty about posting a picture wearing little to nothing.

This is not new and surprising because social media has adopted the act of dictating to celebs how and what to wear. It is also common for trolls to pick on celebrities and some get away with it.

Gail was not here for the disrespect and she clapped back at the negativity by being unapologetic about posing in a swimwear.

Responding to the lengthy bible verse which in summary says one should treat their body as a temple of God, Gail responded by saying " Jesus does not approve of swim suits?"

"Wow...wearing swim wear has now escalated to being a sin? You’s taken me 35yrs to wear a swimsuit in public...because of comments like these. It’s Women’s Month...can we normalize not putting unnecessary judgement, expectations and pressures on each other? If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit...I respect that...but I’m so secure in who I am (in Christ)’s liberating," she responded.

Her husband pastor Kabelo Mabalane was also not here for the negativity which involved something he is well knowledged about, religion.

"This is the exactly the kind of piety that makes the world not want what we have. It’s just a pic of my wife looking amazing in a swimsuit, relax, Jesus is still in the throne," he slammed the naysayer.

Peep the snaps that caused uproar on Instagram:
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