Gazza Is Livid!

He is accusing Namibian promoters for exploiting artists

By  | May 18, 2021, 05:54 PM  | Gazza  | Drama

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After his performance during the Volkswagen Festival Launch at The Garden Inn, Gazza came guns blazing at promoters who exploit local Namibian artists.

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In a Twitter rant, Gazza accused Namibian promoters for not taking artists seriously. He said promoters use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to not fully pay the agreed amount. Instead, they pay SA artists full amounts and disrespect Namibian artists.

He advised artists to not sell themselves short by allowing to be exploited. 

"These Namibian promoters don’t rate us, they must take us seriously and respect our craft and the hard work we put in, they pay SA artist in full and for us kama let’s negotiate a COVID price, no boss, pass me with that BS," he tweeted.

"I swear garden inn was the last, nandise ashike ondjala to pave the way for our industry, with sacrifice comes great reward, the youngins must also learn never to compromise on their brand values only way we will be respected and our work valued."

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