Former Springbok star punches petrol worker

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Gcobani Bobo  | Drama

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Former Springbok rugby player Gcobani Bobo beat up an attendant at a Jozi petrol station last week.

According to the Sunday Sun, Bobo was already in a foul mood when he arrived at an Engen garage in Killarney, reportedly embroiled in a heated argument with the driver of his metre taxi.

And despite being an innocent bystander, petrol attendant Frans Ledwaba soon after suffered the consequences of the altercation, when Bobo started taking his anger out on those around him.

Speaking to the publication about the unpleasant incident, Frans explained: "He got out of the taxi, shouting and swearing at the driver. They seemed to have an argument about payment."

He claims that he confronted the 34-year-old rugby player when he started insulting Engen staff members by calling them "minqundu yenu" (a**holes), but Bobo didn't take kindly to this and started physically attacking him.

"Some of my colleagues ignored him, but I asked him why he's disrespecting us in front of other customers," said Frans.

"He told me I'm talking sh*t and he can call me whatever name he wants. He then started beating me up inside the shop. My colleagues tried to stop him to keep him from hurting me more."

The publication - which claims to have a video clip of Bobo "throwing a punch at Frans's face" - approached the rugby player for comment, and he admitted that he was guilty and remorseful.

"I got too emotional which resulted in me acting in a regrettable way. I'll be going back to that garage to apologise to the guy affected," he confessed.

But offended petrol station owner Deon Rautenbach feels Bobo should face the legal repercussions of his actions.

He said: "He needs to respect people regardless of their colour or their occupation. I'm saddened by what happened. I hope the law will take its course to punish him for his wrongdoings."

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