Lamiez Ditches The Weaves To Stay On Brand

"I don’t know what came over me"

By  | Jul 05, 2022, 02:23 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Drama

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DJ Lamiez Holworthy stunned fans when she debuted a whole new look, totally different from what has become her signature. Lamiez set a certain standard when she rocked her short hairstyle and had legions of fans looking up to her. In an age where weaves have become popular, Lamiez stuck to her signature look which helped create her brand.

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Now, Lamiez tried out a Brazillian weave and she looked all sorts of gorgeous. This was for her 30th birthday themed party celebration where she dressed up as Pocahontas.

Now, she explained why she wore the weave but decided to go back to her short hair, saying it has become a part of her brand.

"For the first time in the FIVE years since I cut my hair, I was so tempted to change my hairstyle - to wear a wig. I felt like I HAD to," she started off.

"I don’t know what came over me but glad I was able to come to my senses fast enough to realise just how my power has and always will lay in being DIFFERENT," she added.

She implies that she carries the responsibility when it comes to being true to ones image and how woman, young and old, look up to her, "I’d be going against all that I’ve built and all that I stand for. Imagine having women of all ages, shapes, and sizes wanting to look just like me, only to find me looking like someone else:-someone I’m not. It’ll never not warm my heart… it then hits me that this is bigger than me."

Lamiez wants to change how society perceives women, "Here’s to being the change we so desperately need to see, breaking a rule or two in defying society’s rules and beliefs. All this whilst living your best life and changing a life or two in the process."

She did say that she will be trying out new hairstyles but not because there is a need to, "I might just play around with a different hairdo or two only because I’d want to and not because I feel I need to. There’s a difference."

Lamiez is very much aware of the person she is and who she wants to be saying she is a strong black princess warrior.

"Once upon a time (30 years ago, to be exact) A BLACK PRINCESS WARRIOR was born. Born in to a world where “warrior” and “princess” were two opposing ideals.

"See, whilst princesses wore big dresses, had long hair and light skin, warriors were big, full of fight and black. Princesses were gentle and needed to be saved whilst warriors were strong, vilified, dark yet brave?" she asked.

"You LAMIEZ, you are and always have been both," she added.

"YOU became the SUPERHERO you desperately needed to see as a child. You redefined what a princess is and broke every rule and every box that society tried to put you in."

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