Damn! Did Gigi Lamayne just shade Fifi Cooper and Nadia Nakai?

You won't believe what she said!

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Gigi Lamayne cheated on three times

In a recent interview with Drum Magazine, conducted by Mathawe Matsapola for their Unscripted series the rapper opened up to reveal A LOT that we do not know about her. 

This includes things like the reasons behind her track, called 'Daddy Issues,' and the fact that she is from an abusive home and went on to find herself in an abusive relationship.

By the sounds of things, her father fought in past wars in Zimbabwe and Mozambique and developed PTSD and an unhealthy relationship with alcohol which led to him abusing his family.

Lamayne says that the song is her way of expressing how she has come to terms with the situation. She also expresses through the lyrics that she wants to see her father again and to get to know him all over again. This is because she apparently hasn't seen him in years.

When asked if she takes sides between her parents, Lamayne admitted to siding with her mom. 

Gigi Lamayne Abuse Quote

But she also says that she wants people to look at her as an example of the child who rose above the situation. 

Matsapola then asked her about her cheating ex-boyfriend and whether or not she's seeing someone new and all Gigi could say was: 

"I'm not saying that there is someone new but there was someone to pick up the pieces."

Mmm mmm mmm 


According to Lamayne, the mystery  dude who helped her pick up the pieces is someone she had been friendzoning for the longest time and now she says it feels like she should have been with him all along. Hey now!

Gigi Lamayne cheating story

After the cheating saga, Lamayne and the cheater in question worked things out and she took him back. He later ended up moving on with the girl shoe caught him with. 

Lamayne and Matsaople also discussed how men are gold diggers but the topic is rarely ever discussed. This is a lesson she learned while dating the cheater in question as he'd go live his best life with other women on Gigi's account (in clothes that she bought him). 

Matsapola then asked a question we think no longer needs to be asked.

"Between you, Fifi Cooper and Nadia Nakai, who do you think is the best?"

To which Lamayne enthusiastically responded:

"Me! Of course, me!"

Gigi Lamayne shades Fifi Cooper and Nadia Nakai

Ishuuuuu! Considering the fact that so many people in her position are often diplomatic and try to avoid ruffling feathers at all costs, WE CAN'T BELIEVE SHE SAID THAT!

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