Gogo Maweni And Her Python Cause A Stir

She never shies away from controversy

By  | Feb 27, 2023, 10:37 AM  | Drama

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Gogo Maweni never shies away from controversy. The traditional healer took to Instagram to share a video of her cuddling a huge snake. Not paying any attention to the trolls who call her all sorts of names for owning animals not deemed as pets in her households.

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Maweni is a controversial traditional healer who once outed herself for being the reason her baby daddy's career was not going so well. With this confession, people concluded that she was behind the bizarre behaviour displayed by actor Sthembiso 'SK' Khoza.

Distancing herself from SK's strange episodes, Maweni said she had nothing to do with that, but of course the trolls were not convinced.

During his starnge behaviour, Maweni showed off her snakes, owls and other mysterious figures in her sacred hut. Just recently she shared a video of her many snakes in her bed. She shared another video of her cuddling one of them.

She wanted to wish her followers a good morning, while holding her snake. This did not sit well with the millions of people who have watched the video. Others were convinced that the snake is harmless while some said she is probably scared for her life.

“Python is harmless. Do it with a black mamba or spitting cobra,” said one follower. 

Also suggesting a black mamba, another follower commented, “Can you please try Black mamba mommy? I’m saying black mamba, that snake will show you stars during the day.”

Aware of Maweni's threats made to social media trolls, one follower refrained from saying anything negative, “I’m just here to look at the comments. I value my life.”

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In one of her posts, Maweni revealed how she deals with trolls.  She said whenever she is bored, she goes through all the rude comments and picks the meanest one and goes directly to the owners account.

Thereafter, she goes through the pictures and picks the clearest one, preferably one with a partner and then sends her personal assistant to print it out and  then she places it in her Ndumba, which is her ancestral hut. "Practice makes perfect" she added.

Maweni distanced herself from SK's shenanigans and said she once had his corner, "For those who don't know, I supported him financially and emotionally. I have never seen this side of him and I cannot comment on his behavior because there are things that I cannot speak about regarding him."

She continued on her interview in Gagasi FM, "I will be willing to assist. Sthembiso is the father of my child. I don't hate him and I don't like seeing him do all these things and to be honest, I was hurt. To be honest he was one of the people who pushed me to accept my ancestral calling. I don't want to and he said you need to go through this and I will support you."

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