Gunman committed suicide over cheating wife

His suicide letter tells all.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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The suicide letter which has since been released to the media describes Gunman's reasons behind killing himself. 

The letter which was revealed to Sunday World reveals all the details of Gunman's letter.

Gunman was found hanging from his Soshanguve home on the 12 of June, he was hanging from a butler door.

The contents of the letter describe Gunman's heartache because of his wife's alleged infidelity.

"I am so sad Toto. We have been together and trusted each other, now that you got new friends and a boyfriend I am now your trash. So Sad, I decided to do a wrong turn because I can't take it anymore as you said I am broke and useless in bed." read the note.


Speaking to the publication, Gunman's wife, Cynthia Khumalo has dismissed the cheating accusations against her.

It's reported that Cynthia had also denied saying that Gunman was useless in bed and that they lived like any normal married couple.

Cynthia revealed that the late actor was the serial cheater in the relationship but had forgiven him for his ways and loved him regardless of the issues they were having in their relationship.

On the day Gunman passed on he had also called his aunt, Busi Kgaswane, whose numbers were also written in the letter. Busi had told the media that Gunman called her on the day he committed suicide to reveal that his wife was kicking him out.

Gunman passed on at the age of 49 and left 14 children behind.

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