YouTube To Make An Investment Into Lasizwe's YouTube Channel

The TV star is on a winning streak

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Lasizwe Dambuza really knows how to slay in life. Well, that's how he rolls. He's all about that another day, another slay life To say Lasizwe has been making moves is a major understatement. The media personality has made a big announcement that YouTube will be injecting cash into his Youtube channel to help him continue telling my story as a black creator!

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Lasizwe is part of the 21 artists joining the #YouTubeBlack Voices Class of 2021. The list of the stars includes South African superstar Sho Madjozi who has also been raising Mzansi's flag high.

The Artist Class of 2021 will receive dedicated partner support from YouTube, seed funding invested into the development of their channels, and participate in training and networking programs focused on production, fan engagement, and wellbeing.

Taking to social media to share the news of his latest achievement, Lasizwe thanked his fans for the love and support they have been showing him. "I would like to take this moment and appreciate every who supports my channel and constantly shows me love unconditionally! The love I receive from my fans is infinite. I love you guys so much! WE DID IT JOE!"

Sho Madjozi also expressed how excited she is to join the YouTube Black Voices Class of 2021.

“My music is loud. It sounds current, it sounds urgent. Ultimately, it’s a screenshot of life as a young African woman. Whether it’s asserting my independence, whether it’s talking about love or lost love. I want to be remembered as someone who made it cool to be African and cool to be yourself, someone that presented new ways or different ways of being at this time. More than anything, I want a more equal future, where the color of your skin or the village you happen to be born in does not have a significant impact on how far you can go,” said Sho Madjozi.

Lasizwe has been enjoying the fruits of his labor lately and he recently awarded himself, with a brand new white BMW convertible for his hard work. Lasizwe posted a series of snaps of his new ride on his Instagram stories giving fans a glimpse of his new car.  

It seems in 2020 he was also able to buy himself a new house as he has since moved out of his flat, which cause a stir on social media a few years back after he posted a picture of it on Instagram and many assumed he bought it.

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