Gupta Wedding on Top Billing

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

Last night South Africans patiently waited for 20:30pm to view the most anticipated wedding ever to be broadcasted on South African television.  SABC 3’s lifestyle show Top Billing earlier on this week announced that they would be broadcasting the wedding and encouraged all to watch.

Many South Africans had mixed views about Top Billing airing the wedding after the much publicized controversial landing of the Gupta’s commercial jet at Waterkloof air force base.  Some viewers were in awe of the beauty of the wedding whilst on the other hand others were disgusted at SABC 3 for even showcasing the wedding that has spurred many debates about the Gupta’s influence in country.
As usual South African citizens took to twitter to express their approvals, disapprovals or utter disbelief of the estimated million rand wedding.
Here are some of the tongue in cheek twitter comments tweeted about the wedding on Top Billing:
@Koyob “Gupta wedding was something else Yhoo #Topbilling”
@SABCtoo “Come on, as the ANC’s exclusive broadcaster would it not be natural that we would air the Gupta wedding on Top Billing.”
@Johrne  “So Top Billing is going to show us the bright side of the Gupta wedding. The dancing and so”
@ShellsPemBroke “So Top Billing is airing the Gupta wedding.  Like we really need more reason to hate that show.”
@Mamgcina83ZA “Baffled by why it took #TopBilling airing the #GuptaWedding for people to realise how irrelevant that show is.  It adds ZERO value nje..”