Has V-Mash hit rock bottom?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

Vinolia Mashego, who is better known to her fans as V-Mash, has really had a tough few years.  

The troubled star has spoken about being poor, fired and being accused of theft. 

V-Mash was arrested last year after she was accused of stealing a neighbour’s TV.

She picked herself up from that, and it seemed like a comeback was on the cards following hints of a possible TV gig.

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But according to Move! Magazine, it was nothing but a rumour, and there is no TV show in the pipeline for one of South Africa’s favourite TV presenters from the 90s. 

The magazine also claims that V-Mash is living in an RDP house and that, once again, she has been accused by neighbours of stealing; food, money, cigarettes.

"They are neighbours from hell. They sit outside their house and terrorise our children," one person apparently told the magazine.

Speaking to Move! V-Mash admitted that her and her boyfriend are indeed living in poverty, are struggling to keep the lights on and can't even buy food.

But they deny stealing from children in the community.

Is it sad to see celebrities who once had illustrious careers, and big money living in poverty.