Mac G Responds To Beef With Heavy K and Fans React

"What's more important, my son's life or Heavy K's ego?"

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 06:40 AM  | Heavy K  | Drama

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Music superstar Heavy K and popular podcaster Mac G have been embroiled in a small online beef following a statement made by Mac G on Podcast and Chill’s Monday episode last week. The controversial podcaster shared, after having spent a weekend with Grammy award winner, Nkosinathi Maphumulo popularly known as Black Coffee, that Heavy K has called the international DJ’s album “sbcnsly” pap. Heavy K has since denied these allegations and urged Macgyver Mukwevho (Mac G) to apologize to him publicly on his podcast.

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House DJ, Mkhululi Siqula, known by his stage name Heavy K cleared his name from these accusations with a Twitter thread with video clips showing his interview with MacG from last year, 11 March 2021 and it shows that he indeed did not call Black  Coffee’s album pap, instead, he said that he’d preferred the old Black Coffee sound compared to his new sound. He also shared a screenshot of a conversation he’s recently had with the podcaster that did not end well.
Mac G failed to apologize to Heavy K after he’s requested him to “correct this” with a formal apology. In a WhatsApp interaction between the two which started circulating on Social Media amidst these accusations, it showed a concerned Heavy K confronting Mac G and showing a screenshot of what looked like a conversation between the musician and Black Coffee. In the screenshot sent to Mac G, it seems like Heavy K had been ensuring Coffee that he’s never called his album “pap”, and Mac G replied, “I’m glad it’s sorted” to Heavy K.

Heavy K further requested the podcaster to verify his mistake to which he nonchalantly replied, “You’re making this a big deal and it’s not,” a statement that set Heavy K off. Heavy K then went on a Twitter rant where he shared the conversation with the podcaster, insulting him for misquoting him, and accusing him of being too self-righteous, alluding that he’s fame-seeking. In this thread, he also shared Mac G’s phone number with the public and we don’t know if that was deliberate or not.
Mac G responded on the latest episode of Podcast and Chill on YouTube in a heated tone claiming to have been pissed off by Heavy K. He said he had been dealing with a crisis, his son being sick, during the conversation with Heavy K. He, moreover, called him a narcissist who only reacted because his ego had been bruised. “Think about it, that time my son is fighting for his life in a hospital bed - what’s more important, my son or Heavy K’s ego?”

Heavy K came back and further tweeted, mentioning that there is no beef between him and Mac G, “To set the record straight, I have no beef with Mac G. I just wanted him to clear things up on the same platform he used to discredit me. I fixed things with Cofee already so no apology needed, back to work… beef won’t feed our kids, let’s focus.” 
Twitter also shared their opinions on this issue and the masses seem to be taking Heavy K’s side on this one. Popular Tweleb, Chris Excel shared in a tweet, “I’m always on Mac G’s side but this time, the G has lost it. There was no paraphrasing, what he said was a fire starter that [could] have caused [a] conflict between two legends. A simple “I’m sorry”  was enough, not this drama.”

Another tweet that gained a lot of traction comes from user Lwazii_RSA who wrote, “So MacG misquoted Heavy K, and then instead of apologizing he further disrespects Heavy K. [And] Heavy K is the wrong one, njani?”

Another user addressed Mac G’s cohosts Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady for not calling out Mac G when he’s wrong. The user tagged Sol and wrote, “I feel like you guys don’t wanna call out Mac G when he’s wrong,” to which the cohost did not respond.
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