Hlomla Dandala Says "Cancel Culture" Killed Patrick Shai

"All those people that came for him for likes, I hope you’re happy"

By  | Jan 23, 2022, 11:29 AM  | Hlomla Dandala  | Drama

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Mzansi is still shaken by the untimely passing of veteran actor Patrick Shai, who passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning.

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According to Channel 24, a Shai family spokesperson revealed that he had committed suicide. Actor Hlomla Dandala has reacted to his passing and he is breathing fire.

Taking to his Instagram account, The River actor attributed the death of the actor to cancel culture.

"I just found out about the death of Patrick Shai. All those people that came for him for likes, I hope you happy," he said in a video.

Shai's death has sparked a conversation around mental health and being kind to each other and Cassper has been dragged into his death.

This follows their messy online exchange a few days ago. Shai raised eyebrows after he released a video and ridiculed Cassper and his mother. He used vulgar language to challenge the rapper to a boxing match.

“Before I die I want to make sure that I've beat you so that on my tombstone they can write this is the man who beat Caster or Costa or whatever your sh*t name is ... Come you son of a b*tch,” Patrick said.

He later released another video retracting his statement. The actor apologized to Cassper's mother and Mzansi.

“I should have known better as an adult. My apologies, I humbly, from the bottom of my heart, apologise for having used such strong language towards your mom. Even though the challenge would've been an ideal thing but now it has been soured by what I said.

“I apologise from the bottom of my heart, please forgive me and forgive me South Africans. I am regretting every bit of the last sentence. That I used, I'm sorry.” he said

Tweeps have reacted to the actor's passing.

@Lewanika_Lesedi tweeted "Twitter is too heavy  for me today , especially being a person who fights depression everyday. The things being said about Patrick Shai's passing & the sick jokes being made regarding what happend with Cass. It's sad   #RIPPatrickShai."

@IamCatchvibe tweeted "It was not depression/mental illness that killed uBab' Patrick Shai, no,He was brutally murdered by those were throwing vicious insults like sharp spears, monstrously mutilating his dignity, heartlessly assassinating his character, and they continued to hit hard #ripPatrickShai."

@ReasonHD tweeted "Sometimes as artists, we make mistakes. We say or do the wrong things & it is the public reaction that brings us back to reality. I just hope now you realize how much impact your words have on our lives when you “call us out” or “put us in our place."

MasegoBT tweeted "If we don't use this Patrick Shai story to learn to be more kind to one another, we will never learn. People are going through heavy stuff in their private life, your mean words on twitter can be the feather that finaly breaks the camel's back. RIP the Legend #RIPPatrickShai."
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