Cassper Responds To Patrick Shai Disrespecting His Mother

"Fu*k this is too much now"

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The hate on Cassper Nyovest is too much to the point where his family even got dragged into it. The rapper had to endure major bullying from his enemy Nota Baloyi and now, a man disrespected his mother and called her a b***h.

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The old man sent a message to Cassper to heed to his call to box him in the ring, but he dragged his mother into it. He even called him names and stuff and that lead to Cassper not loving his acquired fame.

Cassper went on to say, his family always gets disrespected, from his son Khotso to his baby mama Thobeka Majozi and now his own mother, "This is way too much man. I can't take it. Why are people always disrespecting my family? I'm fucking trapped in this fame shit. I wish I could run up on all you devils and defend my family like any other man would. What is coming to all of yall will be ugly! GOD KNOWS!"

"Who the fuck is that old man and why is he calling my mom a bi**h? Why does my family have to be disrespected like this yo? Fu** this is too much now!!! Modimo nna ha ke sa kgona, ke kopa thuso. (God I can't do this anymore, I need help.)"

Cassper then said he keeps on fighting demons day in, day out.

Cassper Nyovest's pockets and net worth have been a point of interest for his fans and haters alike, especially after his pricey birthday gifts which he purchased for himself. The rapper recently came across a social media post which estimates his net worth as R273 million.

Cassper's business acumen has been applauded by a lot of people, and even his industry mates. With all the deals he has, and expensive items he bought, it is shocking to see that people still doubt his net worth.

Last year he signed a R100 million deal with Drip Footwear where he creates his very own sneakers called the 990's. On his birthday he purchased a custom made, diamond encrusted Frank Muller timepiece, which was inspired by his favourite footballer Christiano Ronald. The cheapest Frank Muller watch costs R300K but he spared no expense and spent 70 pounds.

Not too long before that, he bought a flashy diamond chain which cost him R1,5 Million.

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To top it all off Cassper bought a McLaren which had people talking and gave his haters heart palpitations.

Nota came out to say Cassper is broke and rented his McLaren, but he managed to shut him up. But Nota just kept on going and dissed his entire family.

Now, a fan saw an article written about Cassper, alleging that his net worth is R273 million. Cassper responded to this by saying he hopes that is the case.

Fans anticipated that he would say he is worth more than that but he did not, instead he pulled their legs.

An IG page accused Cassper of renting his McLaren and said he is enjoying the rented car. But Cassper clapped back at all the hate, "Rumor also has it that I'm broke, I'm falling off, I don't own my house which I keep breaking and extending. I keep reading sh*t I didn't even know about myself. If anything, this just shows me how unheard of and unbelievable what I'm doing is. They think it's impossible! Crazy"

β€œThe day I buy a Jet they gone say I'm an ambassador 4 Execujet or the Jet is old.  Lol.. When will you guys see this for what is it.. I'm 1 of 1.. Nobody done it like me, nobody doing it like me.. Instead of hating, yall should be taking notes & learning from The Don Billiato!!!” He wrote.

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