How Paraffin Almost Ended It All!

Nozuko opens up about depression again

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Diep City actress Nozuko Ntshangase has once again decided to open up about her numerous suicide attempts which were not successful. The actress has been through so much at such a young age that her choices and decisions have shaped her into being the person she is currently.

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Taking to her YouTube channel Nozuko opened up about her previous life as a drug abuser and troubled teenager who resorted to attempting suicide as a way of escaping her problems.

She said that the first time she attempted to end her life was when she was 16 years old. Her first attempt saw her overdosing in allergex pills, โ€œI think I was depressed from adolescent stage I think. I've never been to the doctor to tell me that I have depression. I started being suicidal I remember I was 16. I remember the first time I tried to kill myself I remember I was scared, I did not want to die but I remember I used pills, we had a lot of allergex pills. I drank pills and I don't remember being sick. I remember being drowsy, I remember oversleeping but I never went to the hospital,โ€ she said.

The second time she said she was 17 years old and she had lost her friend and fought with her mother which was intense. So she lost it and went to the bathroom after her mother went to work. Opened a bottle of paraffin and drank it.

Her sister walked in and she said she is not proud of that moment. Nozuko says she is thankful that she never got permanently damaged in her internal organs because she still wants to have children.

The third time 24-year-old Nozuko was in a toxic relationship, "the third time I was 24 and drank Allergex again. I remember the person I was dating came to my place and got rid of the pills. We had a serious talk about it but things got worse because I was in a toxic relationship, and my depression sky rocketedโ€ she said.

But in that toxic relationship she said she is thankful that she never committed suicide because she was stronger.

Nozuko shared some tips for dealing with depression; the first one is meditation and she said it is about resetting your mind.

Second tip is journaling your feelings on a pen and paper. "With journaling, you can just write," she said and mentioned some platforms such as smartphone and diaries.

โ€œThird is about finding your identity, who what where how why? Who are you? What are you tryin to achieve , where are your from and where re you going nd How are you going to do that? Find out who you are!"

The fourth tip is to unlock your creativity and imagination. The fifth and final tip tip is to take action.

Watch her YT video below:

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