Lasizwe Reveals How Much He Makes On YouTube

The amount will blow your mind

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Reality TV Show star and YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza opened up about how he makes money on YouTube.

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Lasizwe was today's guest on Sphectacula, and DJ Nave's YouTube show The King's Cast.

The TV star spoke about coming out, his relationships, and his YouTube paycheck.

Lasizwe said his late mom did not speak to him for about half a year after she found out that he is gay.

"She got a call from the school about the fight, and they explained the whole thing, back then I was Sizwe. They said Sizwe has a crush on this boy and he did a video about it...and then we just stopped speaking, for 6 months my mom didn't speak to me, Leaving in the same house," he said.

Opening up about his YouTube paycheck, Lasizwe said he has received over six figures. However, he refused to share the most recent amount.

"Over the years that I have been on YouTube ayi siyidlile imali (we ate money)...I have clocked over six figures. My first check on YouTube was R80 000," he said.

Speaking about the success of his channel and his new YouTube show Drink Or Tell The Truth, he gave credit to his team.

"So I want to first give a big shoutout to my team.  I have the most amazing team, from the content director Emanuel, The director of photography Kelvin, the editor Tumi and interns."

He said he started Drink Or Tell The Truth because he wanted to give his supporters something different.

"I have been doing skits for four years, what else can I do?" He said he then came across James Corden's show called Spill your guts and he was inspired.

"I was like, that's a great concept but how do you take the "insipiredness" and create something new from it, and that's how Drink Or Tell The Truth came about," Lasizwe explained.

Lasizwe also revealed that he is ready to be after and settle down.
"I really wanna fall pregnant this year. I think This year or next year or three years to come I wanna be pregnant, and also now I want to settle down a bit. Not just with someone or whatever but with myself. I am in a space where I just need to realize that I am human because in this industry we become robots. Everyone just wants a piece of you, when you come home you are empty."
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