Hulisani And Sthandiwe's Women Empowerment Trip In NY!

The trip encapsulated all things #GirlPower.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Hulisani Ravele  | Drama

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Hulisani Ravele and Sthandiwe Kgoroge served bouts of empowerment and inspiration all the way from New York City!

Reputable beauty brand, Dove, forged a partnership with media personalities, Sthandiwe and Hulisani - with the aim of unpacking the chronicles around self esteem and beauty in the modern day era.

Dove unveiled another chapter from their long running Self Esteem Programme in New York. Huli and Sthandiwe were invited to partake in the new campaign, which seeks to create dialogues regarding healthy self esteem and confidence in women and young girls around the world.
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Sthandiwe Kgoroge often shares her touching story about how she was constantly bullied for her dark complexion growing up.

Her skin tone, made her a target to bullies, comprising of children and adults - who she has classified as 'hurt people'. In an era where the perception of beauty is rapidly and positively evolving, Sthandiwe's story has all the makings of courage, strength and relevance.

In her soundtrack album for The Lion King, global superstar, Beyonce Knowles - Carter penned a song titled, Brown Skin Girl - which served as an ode to dark skinned women worldwide.
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The nuances of the song has bode well with the intended market and many have marked it as their "go to" song when the world takes shots at their skin colour.

During the stone ages, the global fashion and beauty industry condoned a particular type of beauty... you know, one that was "flawless".

"Odd" facial features were usually covered up with heavy layers of make up.However, the likes of Hulisani Ravele and Noni Gasa remain icons and lighthouses for those with freckles!

Hulisani opened up about how she has embraced her freckled face - a transition that wasn't always easy,  especially in era where cyber bullying is on an all time high. Unfortunately, some individuals (still) refuse to broaden their perspective on beauty.
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