Exclusive: Hulisani Ravele On Self-Love, Cyberbullies & Girl Power

Hulisani Ravele chats to ZAlebs about women empowerment.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Hulisani Ravele  | Drama

Work on yourself; spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

That’s the message Hulisani Ravele wants women to remember as Women’s Month draws to a close.

ZAlebs caught up with the TV and radio personality to talk about her views on self-love and women empowerment.

For Hulisani, it all boils down to an old proverb:
“Empowerment to me is embodied by the old adage of: ‘Give a man fish, he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime’. I believe that empowerment is being given a hand-up and not a hand-out,” she says.
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The 31-year-old has worked in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years and one of the biggest things she has had to learn is self-love. 

She said knowing her “self-worth” and being able to stand up for herself, “regardless of what anybody else thinks or says have been difficult but necessary lessons”. These are lessons she has often had to learn the hard way.

Like many celebrities, Hulisani has had to deal with negative comments about her appearance online. 

“I had to respond for that young girl or boy who faces a real battle with teasing & bullying because of their physical appearance. Bullied so badly that they don’t want to live anymore. Bullies must be dealt with!” she wrote on social media.
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While the mean comments are hurtful, Hulisani does not allow cyberbullies to get her down, in fact, she feels sorry for them. 

I believe that hurt people hurt people. Anyone who is dealing with any form of hurt or pain or trauma - that they sometimes don’t even know they are carrying - is susceptible to behaving like this and lashing out at others. Therefore people, not just women, are their own worst enemies,” she tells ZAlebs. 

In a world where women are under pressure to look a certain way, Hulisani chooses to focus on loving herself and her wish is for every woman to be able to do the same.

I believe working on yourself; spiritually, mentally, and emotionally; is one of the most important ‘works’ one will ever do. Everything flows from that point; everything leans on that pillar. Get your spirit right and watch how everything else falls into place and is directed from a place of peace and strength, not fear and vulnerability - which, don’t get me wrong, also has its place.” 

The former YoTV presenter says game-changers and trailblazers like Oprah Winfrey have helped inspire her to be the best version of herself. 

But it is the women closest to home that have had the biggest impact.

“I’m inspired by the women in my family whom I’ve learnt a lot from over the years, watching them navigate the many roles they play and overcome many battles.”
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Hulisani holds many titles: she’s a TV presenter, a radio host, an MC and a businesswoman. There's no stopping the star and she has big things planned for her career. 

But she won’t kiss and tell until everything falls into place – it’s another important lesson she has learned over the years. 

“I’m in this zone of “don’t talk, do”. So, with that said, you’ll just have to watch this space.”

We can’t wait to see what this inspiring woman has up her sleeve for the rest of 2019.
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