Hulisani on working with Dove, Capricorn FM & that kidnapping scare

If there's one person who is owning her crown, it's this lady right here.

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With almost 20 years in the game, it's kind of hard to believe that Hulisani has been in the entertainment industry for this long...

..especially considering that we literally grew up with her since her heydays as a kid presenter.

Fast forward to 2017 and Hulisani is not only a woman on a mission but one who is venturing on this journey with class and vigour.

Another aspect about Hulisani we've come to appreciate is how she's managed to constantly rebrand and align herself with brands that have the same goals and vision as she does. And one of those brands is Dove.

Hulisani dove

Speaking to ZAlebs, Hulisani shared why she's always been open to working with such a brand, not once but twice in her career.

"Dove to me is a brand that's just really beautiful in its ethos, in its essence and what it stands for and portrays out there. I love the fact that it's just about celebrating who we are as women regardless of our different shapes, sizes, skin color, freckles no freckles.

It's really just about helping women to find the beauty within themselves so that beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety. So aligning myself with this brand has always been something that's been very dear to me. I love being involved in projects that have power, purpose and impact and the Dove brand really does take those three pillars for me on a personal level."

It's been two months since Hulisani made her debut on Capricorn FM as a weekend DJ and so far she's loved the journey she has embarked on with the radio station.


"I'm so happy and thrilled to be on Capricorn FM, I work with an amazing team behind the scenes and the entire Capricorn family has welcomed me with open arms. I spent the whole of my April weekends in Polokwane getting to know the team and what Capricorn FM is about and just learning.

Apart from it just being a radio station, Capricorn FM lives on the ethos of building a progressive Limpopo and how we want to always encourage our listeners to always be progressive. And how we encourage them to always be progressive is how we relay our content on and off air so I tied myself to that and realizing that it's more than just a radio station and that's what spoke to me."

Hulisani has shown interest in working with the radio station for years to come.

Amongst her many achievements, Hulisani also recently graduated with a BA Degree in Motion Picture Medium from AFDA.

Hulisani graduating

Whilst studying for her degree she was involved in numerous productions that saw her sharpen her skills as a producer. Now that she has graduated, Hulisani plans on utilizing the skills she gained from AFDA in her career as well.

"I'm working on a few concepts under my own production company, I'm planning on producing a four-part talk show series which was self-funded, I shot it last year so we'll see if one of the big channels will pick it up."

A few weeks ago Hulisani shared on her Instagram page a near kidnapping experience that shook her a bit. She shared with us the details on what exactly happened on that day.

"From my point of view, it honestly came across as something that was sinister. What happened is that I walked out the gym which is in a shopping complex into the parking lot and my earphones were on and this car drove passed.  At first, I didn't pay attention to it, but I could see that it had already passed me.  But the minute I came out of the shopping complex the car did a dead brake and reversed so quickly towards me, it had no number plates on it.

I looked in the car and there were two men and I was like I either go to the right, which means I'm going passed the car and the backseat and the guy could just jump out the front seat and snatch me or I walk in front of the car which is what I chose to do. 

By God's grace, there was a security guard straight ahead of me and I just kept on walking quickly and the guys in the cars said 'Ya, we just wanted to talk to you'. 

It just felt wrong and it was at the height of when women were being kidnapped and I just thought to myself 'geez that could've been me.'

Thankfully Hulisani was safe and unharmed. Make sure you catch her on a TV screen near you or on Capricorn FM every weekend.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/HulisaniRavele

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