Cassper's "Friend" Ifani Mocks His Sneakers

Is he changing his tune?

By  | Nov 20, 2021, 03:16 PM  | Ifani  | Drama

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Was rapper Ifani sincere when he said he wants to bury the hatchet with Cassper Nyovest? Rapper Cass blocked him after his utterances back in 2017 about his song Tito Mboweni when he called it "trash."

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This week Ifani saw the hype and attention Cassper Nyovest has been receiving so he decided to jump on his wave. Cassper gained a new nickname 'Don Blockiato' because he blocks everybody and everyone who goes against him. Realising that he has been blocked for years, Ifani said he wishes Cassper would unblock him because he is sorry.

Inspired by Kanye West and Drake's beef-burying, Ifani thought he and Cassper could become friends again.

"If Drake & Ye can settle their beef, who are we not to settle ours? C’mon Nyovest. Unblock me. Let’s be friends again. I’m sorry," he tweeted.

Despite his sincere apology Ifani continued to mock Cassper by saying his sneakers are ugly. A fan advised him to support his hustle by buying them and Ifani said he probably would but he is not liking them.
But he joined the bandwagon of people telling the likes of Cassper to stay with Amaoiano when and if Hip Hop reigns supreme again. "When Hip-Hop takes over Amapiano We don’t want: Vusi Nova or Snova, we don’t want: Nyovest or Blockiato, we don’t want: Madumane or Maphori. We want LOYALTY!"

He did mention is his previous tweets that he will be bringing SA Hip Hop on the map again. Starting this weekend.

Costa Titch and Cassper had their little beef when he told Cass to pick a side and stay there. Costa previously wrote on his social media, “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke -respectfully.”

Cass hit back and said, "Apparently Hip Hop don't need Cassper Nyovest!!! They coming together and things are looking bright!!! Costa is saying he is fixing what I destroyed. Azange kea tsega yana mo lifeng (I've never laughed this much in my life.) I'm back in SA and I can't wait to run into him so he must explain in person..."

But their beef did not end there, Cass caught Costa performing a Yanos joint and made fun of him.

But in a lenghty statement, Costa his back at him. "Nyovi I've let you to run with your narrative for long enough now without saying anything, I have no problem with you however, I don't appreciate how you have made this situation bigger than what it actually is. I have never said I am going to save SA Hip Hop. All I said is that SA Hip Hop is uniting. If you jumped ship, then stay there and let us fix what you broke," he said.

"What I meant by that is that You keep pushing this narrative of being on either side "I'll see Hip Hop in 3 years etc." "If you tell me I'm the greatest I'll jump on a Hip Hop song again with one of the new kids." and that's not right in my opinion.

"I feel you should have the right to do anything you wish and make both genres with a positive attitude without talking down on any of the genres. Also please let's not forget that SA Hip Hop built your success in the first place. You can do any genre and still push SA music as a whole forward as you have major influence.

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