Ifani Wants To Be Friends With Cassper

Is he done trolling him?

By  | Nov 18, 2021, 01:34 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Rapper Ifani is looking to make amends with fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest but "Don Blockiato" is not having it. The rapper who always made noise about being trolled by AKA, sure made an enemy out of Cassper Nyovest when he trolled him some years back.

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Remember the hit song Tito Mboweni which shook the streets back in 2017? Well Ifani labelled it trash and that saw the start of their beef. After going off the radar for years, Ifani came back to re-ignite his beefs with AKA and Cassper, but it seems like he only wants to bury the hatchet with Cassper.

Inspired by the game-changing newly formed friendship between Kanye West and Drake, Ifani thought he and Cassper could become friends again.

Cassper had blocked Ifani for all these years, so Ifani wants him to unblock him so they could be buddy buddy.

The timeline is currently having a roast fest of Cassper Nyovest as he has gotten a new nickname to add to his list of nick names. Cassper Nyovest went from Short Pan, to Sasko Sam to now being named Don Blockiato because he blocks just about anybody who bullies him or even hints at being a hater.

No, Prince Kaybee did not give Cassper this name but it was none other than Slik Talk. The YouTuber trolled Cassper two times this week and boy are tweeps having a field day.

Slick's rants comes after Cassper responded to him and Mac G where they discussed his music. Cassper said, “You got me f**cked up if think im not gonna hype myself when niggas is tryna disrespect my name. Not me, aneva Boyz. I'm gonna let you know, from the gate. I am not the one! I am Cassper Nyovest! No small business! Before anyone puts respect on it, I'll do it my damn self!” 
But Slick said this is not high school and that Cassper lacks emotional intelligence. 

“I want to talk about this insecure high school drop off called Cassper Nyovest. This nigga has the nerve to call me and Mac G his enemies and say we are creating an alliance against him. My n*gga grow up. I know you didn't finish your full course in high school and you still miss the life but we are not in high school anymore,” Slick started off. 

“First of all this is what I was saying about emotional intelligence intelligence, something you don't know about Cassper. Everything that I said about you in my video was facts. Your music is trash and that’s a fact. Your TV show is flopping that's a fact. Your merch is garbage and no one has bought it. This year and that's a fact. No one is conspiring against you. Stop behaving like a teenage girl” he trolled. 

This comes just days after Slick Talk said this about his The Braai Show  numbers, “So I just decided to bootleg Cassper Nyovest’s show, ’The Braai Show.’ I didn’t wanna watch it on TV cause I felt like I was gonna be the only person tuning in. Apparently nobody watches this show,” Slik Talk said. He then added that, “Cassper Nyovest is a terrible presenter. Nothing is interesting about this show. If you haven’t watched it, please don’t."
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