#Imbewu: MaNdlovu's Stubbornness

Thu Sheleni is going to be affected by this

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Monday's and Tuesday's episodes of etv's Imbewu: The Seed unveiled the extent of which MaNdlovu is actually willing to go in order to save her skin. 

After finally accepting that she is indeed Thu Sheleni's grandmother, she was more than determined to perform the correct rituals for him.

The last quarter of the year 2018 saw an introduction to an interesting and intriguing storyline surrounding MaNdlovu and Thu Sheleni. Where the latter had embarked on a self-discovery journey where he found his living member from his paternal side of the family - Mrs Rampasaad. But there was a strong missing link regarding his maternal family - The Ndlovu's.

After being told that he is a Ndlovu, viewer's that have been following the storyline quite closely, quickly put the dots together as it became apparent that Thu is related to MaNdlovu.

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Fast forward to May 2019, MaNdlovu is now on a mission to introduce Thu to the Ndlovu ancestor's, however, Tuesday night's episode revealed that she went about it the wrong way. After revealing to the sangoma what she had done for Thu, she lamented at MaNdlovu's actions and informed her that what MaNdlovu had done may have deadly effects on Thu.

There is another strong element regarding the usage of another surname - Nzimande. This possibility has left many of us confused as to whether Thu Sheleni is a Ndlovu or Nzimande.  According to the Zulu culture MaNdlovu should have enlisted a male figure in the Ndlovu family to execute the heavy task of introducing Thu to the Ndlovu ancestors unless there is no male figure in the family. Which is why the Sangoma was uncomfortable with the fact that it was MaNdlovu who had personally performed that ritual.

How will MaNdlovu gets herself out of this dangerous hole that she has dug herself, and Thu Sheleni) into?

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