Is Tbo Touch A Data Sell-Out?

The streets will never forget his #DataMustFall stunt

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

This week might go down in history as a very important week in #DataMustFall struggle after the South African competitions commission instructed MTN and Vodacom to halve their data prices.

The news was well-received by the masses but many people's memories are still stuck on another time when a high-profile celebrity promised to make data fall: Tbo Touch.

You might recall that in the early days of Touch Central (before it became Touch HD), Gareth Cliff and Tbo Touch marched to the doors of parliament demanding reduced data costs for the good of the country. This movement gathered a lot of momentum but fell through once fans realised it was a publicity stunt to promote a free data partnership with MTN for the "Central" stations.

People were betrayed at the time and many have never quite forgiven Tbo Touch for his involvement in this saga. So you can imagine how shocked and surprised these same folks were when Tbo Touch re-emerged as the ambassador of the #DataMustFall movement this week, in light of the Competitions Commission news.

Needless to say, not many people were willing to trust the media mogul despite the fact that he was saying all the right things on social media.

Tbo Touch has not let this latest wave of criticism affect him (as if Tbo Touch would let anything affect him!) and he has continued to champion against the big network providers while doing so.

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