Isikizi's Mcethe is really rubbing people the wrong way

He's not only scary but a character that South African's want nothing to do with.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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From witchcraft to his killings and rape, Isikizi's Mcethe is one character viewers have had enough of.

If there is one character South African viewers don't like at the moment, it's this guy right here.

Pakamisa Zwedala's character Mcethe on Isikizi has even stopped some people from watching the show because of his very evil ways.

It's quite ironic, considering that Mcethe and iGazi's Scotho are one in the same, but viewers tend to be a bit more lenient when it comes to ScothoScotho, but as for Mcethe it's another story.

Since Mcethe dug up his father's grave and stole a finger from the deceased body, viewers have had it up to here...


....with the character. As if him talking to a frog and marking himself with his victim's blood wasn't enough.

No, but this scene was really scary, just look at this guy.


Some even want Mcethe to be caught in real life.

Come on guys it's just a story, but if an actor is able to evoke so many emotions from viewers, surely that means he is doing a great job as a performer, right?


Some people are really terrified of Mcethe but they just can't stop watching and we guess at the end of the day that  is the productions main goal, to get people watching and talking about the show.

Meanwhile, Mcethe has been spotted with Jonga in and around Johannesburg. Hmm we can only wonder what these two were discussing. Maybe


What are your thoughts on Isikizi's Mcethe?

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