Itumeleng Khune Blueticks Trolls

He ignores trolls as more info on Minnie's marriage makes headlines

By  | Feb 16, 2022, 01:58 PM  | Itumeleng Khune  | Drama

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Black Twitter is wilding after Minnie Dlamini broke the news of her divorce with Quinton Jones. She had released a statement on social media revealing that their four-year union has unfortunately reached it's end.

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People started making speculations about what transpired between the two of them after Minnie revealed that they tried couples therapy and had their family members meddle but nothing helped.

Black Twitter, which is notorious for breaking people's spirits, chimed in on the divorce and made Minnie trend after a few minutes of her release of her statement.

According to a report by City Press, they had been living part from each other for a year. A source told the publication that the TV presenter moved in to her own home at the Copperleaf Golf Estate, Centurion about a year ago. Quinton, however did not as he allegedly stayed at home with his mother and sister. 

“When Minnie moved into that house, she did not move in with Quinton. Quinton went back home to stay with his mother and sister. Even last year when she went to Cape Town on that holiday with Unathi Nkayi and their friends, Quinton was not there and it was pretty obvious that they were sure about the separation."

Meanwhile, Itumeleng Khune is also trending on social media and we can guess what his reaction was like when he saw his name up there on the trends list.

The only time Khune trends is if he has a bad game, or people are mocking his age which according to trolls, does not match his looks. But to find out that you are trending because your ex got divorced, that might have been an experience.

Tweeps mocked him and one person his break up with Minnie caused him to perform badly in his career, "Itumeleng Khune never recovered after breaking up with Minnie Dlamini and as a result he lost his position as the first choice goalkeeper for both Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana. This is for Kaizer Chiefs fans, Amakhosi Amahle."

Khune even caught strays from Slik Talk saying he is about to be broke and that Khune probably does not want to date Minnie Dlamini anymore.

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Khune however mized the trolling and gushed over his wife Sphelele after their berautiful Valentine's Day date. Even though this happened a day ago, trolls can't help but notice he tweeted this just in time for Minnie's announcement.

Sphelele gushed over her date and said it was beautiful and Khune retweeted it while adding a couple of emojis.

One tweeps commented and said, “Now you’re posting about Valentine’s day, because the poor lady just released her statement.”

Another told him to have a heart and not flaunt his love all over the timelines.

But not all of Black Twitter is bad. People defended Khune and told trolls where to get off.

Others said this is disrespectful towards his wife and him, by making it seem as though he would celebrate and ex's divorce as grown as he is.

“I find so childish for people to drag Khune into this Minnie Dlamini’s divorce saga. Khune is an elder, he wouldn’t celebrate that his ex is divorcing. Divorce is an unfortunate event, everyone knows that. Good people just Respect Khune.”

Here are some of the reactions:

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