Police Confirm Jabu Mahlangu Has Been Charged

This comes after his car accident

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Former Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates star Jabu Mahlangu has reportedly been charged with negligent and reckless driving and fleeing the scene of an accident.
According to TimesLive, a case docket has been registered with the Benoni SA Police Service following the soccer star's accident.

Mahlangu was involved in a car collision a few days ago. His BMW4 series reportedly collided with a Toyota Hiace Quantum that was filled with passengers.

Reports have revealed that two passengers were seriously injured and 11 had minor injuries.
Mahlangu's lawyers told City Press that the former soccer star was admitted together with the other passengers who were rushed to the hospital after the accident, “We have not seen him yet. The only thing we got from his brother was the confirmation that there was an accident in the early hours of the morning.

“It looks like there was more than one vehicle involved. They suspect that the occupants of the other vehicle might be injured too. Jabu is in the same hospital [with some of them],”

However, the EMPD spokesperson Lt-Col Kelebogile Thepa told TimesLive that when the EMPD and emergency services personnel arrived at the scene Mahlangu was not there.

“It has further been established that he was not even part of all those injured and who needed to be transferred to hospital. So an inference can then be drawn that, in the absence of any of the following, he would have fled the scene, and then that is a criminal offence,

“A case docket has been registered with the Benoni SA Police Service (SAPS). As of now, we do confirm that there are two charges brought against him, one being the reckless and negligent driving and the other being fleeing the scene of the accident,” the publication quoted the Lt-Col.

Lt-Col added that if Mahlangu left the scene in his own capacity then he defeated the ends of justice, but if it was for the purpose of medical attention then it is justifiable. He said, “But what has been alleged that he is somewhere admitted to a hospital — no. He doesn't even form part of the people who were injured.

“There is a legal duty that when a person is involved in an accident, that they stop immediately and ascertain the nature of injuries and call the relevant people — the Metro Police or ambulances should there be a need. Reasons for leaving the scene would have to be established [for someone to be charged for it]"

Meanwhile, Mahlangu's lawyers have revealed that they are not aware of any charges against their client. They also maintain that he was hospitalised on the day of the accident.

“We confirm that our client has not been charged by the police. We deny that. There might be charges somewhere but our client has not been charged for any crime,

“He was hospitalised and treated in the hospital on the same date (as the accident), and then he was released on the same date. I think it's the use of the language. When there is an accident, people are involved and then they are taken to the hospital. And when they arrive at the hospital they are then treated," Sowetan quoted Mahlangu's lawyer Mabu Marweshe.

The publication also stated that Mahlangu could be facing a maximum sentence of nine years' imprisonment or a fine of R180,000.

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