Jessica Nkosi & Phindile Gwala dragged for flashing money & hanging with bling bandit member

A video of the two ladies hanging with a bling bandit member causes a stir on social media.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Jessica Nkosi  | Drama

Jessica Nkosi

So remember in November 2016 a video of a couple of men flashing a luggage bag full of money went viral on Facebook?  

The men were then given the name - Bling Bandits by the media after the public requested for an investigation to be done after one of the bags of money in the luggage had a logo branding of the Fidelity service company.

If you don't remember the video let us refresh your memory again.

Well, this video has re-surfaced once again. Why?

Because another video of actresses Jessica Nkosi and Phindile Gwala hanging out and literally chowing a stack of money with one of the Bling Bandits members has surfaced on social media. 

In the video, we see Phindile Gwala adding salt & pepper on a stack of money whilst Jessica Nkosi is seen recording the video. A man opposite them is also seen recording what Phindi is doing whilst boasting that they're "chewing cash."

Check the video below.

Because of the blurriness of the video we were not quite sure if this was really Jessica & Phindile, but judging by the yellow summer dress & Ivy Park sweater on both ladies social media accounts, it's clear that it is them.


As the video goes viral,  some people criticized the two actresses for hanging around such men.

Drag 3
Jessica Nkosi and Phindile gwala

However, according to a Times Live report, when the luggage bag video went viral no arrests or robberies were made upon the release of the video. Basically nothing illegal was found about the men.

People began recognizing that the man in the luggage bag video is the same man that is seen in the video with Jessica and Phindile.

This is the man in the first video....


And this is the same man chilling with Jessica Nkosi and Phidile Gwala in the second video.


From what we've gathered no member of the bling bandits have been arrested since the luggage bag video went viral.

Phindile Gwala is also a savvy businesswoman herself and has ventured into the car wash and shisa nyama business, she has a car wash stand in Sandton known as Lothas Car Wash. Besides being an actress Jessica is also a brand ambassador and occasional emcee.

Main Image Credit: Instagram