Life's Too Short For "Fake" Friends

Celebrity frenemies we bet you didn't know about

By  | Feb 11, 2022, 11:17 AM  | Jessica Nkosi  | Drama

Jessica Nkosi/Nomzamo Mbatha
Just like our celebrity relationships, our Zaleb friendships are also notorious for hogging headlines. It is always such a beautiful sight to see, when our fave celebrities show up for one another and show us the true meaning of friendship.

And while we also have those that have turned sour over the years, we can all agree that we still have those who are frenemies. You know, they were friends before, then a rift happened and now they are not really hateful towards each other, but that does not mean they are friends. 

Below is a list of celebrity frenemies we bet you didn’t know about. 

Jessica Nkosi And Nomzamo Mbatha

As you already know, these two media personalities were very good friends way back when. From celebrating each other on social media to hanging out together, theirs was a friendship that every girl squad desires.

That however came to a sudden halt when it was reported that Jessica was the reason why Zamo and Idols SA winner Khaya Mthethwa split. This is because it was rumoured that Jessica had apparently snatched Khaya from Zamo.

If there is one thing we know, when a man is involved, friendships are bound to turn sour. Speaking to the former Zaziwa presenter Pearl Modiadie, Khaya refused to talk about what exactly transpired between him and Zamo, saying that  it was a matter that concerned just the two of them. 

Pearl Thusi And Minnie Dlamini

Following closely is these two beauties who apparently also had a rough patch all because of a man. It is rumored that before Minnie got married to her big shot footballer, Quinton Jones, he was dating the Quantico actress.

Now while it was never confirmed whether or not these allegations were true, Pearl has for the longest time referred Quinton as her good friend. And while it is said that the two media personalities somehow managed to work out their squabble, they are barely friends anymore but still show up to the same gig together. 

AKA And Caspper Nyovest

It is uncountable the number of times these two artists have gotten into twars and head to head banters on twitter. And while it might seem that the two hate each other, it turns out that that may not be exactly the case. 

The two were actually very close friends back in the day but one beef was all it took to ruin the whole friendship. Apparently Cassper seems to be at the root of it all, after he mentioned something that did not sit all too well with Mega. 

And just like that what would have been a very powerful friendship simply went down the drain. I mean can you think of the great collaborations we would have gotten from these two powerhouses? Hayi, shem. 

DJ Zinhle And Bonang Matheba

As you already know, Zinhle and Bonang both actually dated AKA at some point in their lives. What you may have forgotten however is that these two women were actually good friends. 

It therefore came as a shock to many when Zinhle announced that she had found out who AKA was cheating on her with and turns out it was Bonang. This is not news to many but you can already imagine how betrayed she must have been to learn that her friend and the father of her child were actually messing around behind her back.

As always, the two denied all these allegations and Bonang even threatened to sue Zinhle! Being the mature queen that she is, Zinhle let it go and made peace with the whole situation. That my friend, is how two friends became not so good buddies anymore.

Khanyi Mbau And Kelly Khumalo

Now this is one duo I bet you didn't see coming. But, believe it or not, these two were actually friends in the good old days. That, just like the rest, went sour when it was reported that Kelly had actually slapped Khanyi Mbau at an event. 

This of course caused a huge rift between them but later on Kelly apologised and the two resorted to resolving the conflict. And while it is not quite clear whether the two are still friends at this point in time, it is good to see that they decided to put all their differences behind them.

Do you think there’s hope for these friendships to be revived? Be sure to let us know!

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