Former Bafana star fights for his life

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | John "Shoes" Moshoeu  | Drama

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John ‘Shoes Moshoeu is currently in a critical condition in hospital. According to The Sunday Sun, Moshoeu has spent nearly a month in hospital. Reene Moshoeu, Shoes’ mother, told the newspaper:
“For the past few months he’s been going from one private hospital to another – until his medical aid got exhausted. He was brought into this hospital by Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s husband. He was supposed to be taken to theatre for an operation. But that hasn’t happened yet. My son hasn’t eaten anything in days. The illness is not yet known.
This surely has to be one serious illness that it even depleted all of his medical aid savings. We hope ‘Shoes’ will gain a speedy recovery soon.

However, we applaud the former soccer player for even having medical aid. It's always sad to hear when a well-known personality is said to be unable to pay for their medical fees due to them not having medical aid. History shouldn't repeat itself like it did with likes of late Kwaito star Zombo who passed away due to and late Muvhango actress Lindi "Doobsie" Chibi who was shot in the face by her then boyfriend. Both personalities didn't have medical aid and had to receive funds from the public due to their expensive medical bills.

Although Shoes' medical aid is exhausted he has shown signs of a responsible soccer player, which is a financial discipline we hardly see in some not all of our local soccer players who live beyond their means but omit to place their money in more important things in life.

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