Joshua Zacheus: I could've been much further without Lira

ZAlebs chat's to Drummer Joshua "Jstar" Zacheus

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Joshua Zacheus: I could've been much further without Lira

Jstar reveals more about his his relationship with Lira and pens down an open letter to her.

The internet was buzzing with the very controversial story of Lira's drummer, Joshua Zacheus who exposed Lira and her manager for underpaying him for his services.  ZAlebs managed to chat to Joshua to get his version of events and what led him to his actions over the weekend.

We first asked Joshua what finally led him to open up about his business issues with Lira, here's what he had to say:

Firstly, I think our fans deserved to know what happened to the show & there's too many of them to reply or lie to.

Secondly, for many months I had been avoiding or omitting the truth when asked, I was struggling with telling the truth and the details of my experience as it exposes and puts Lira and Robin's (her manager and husband) dealings out in the public eye.

Joshua also mentioned that his meeting with Lira and Robin at the  CCMA's was also the main reason why he decided to share his side of the story on social media.

Joshua Jstar Zacheus

"That meeting at CCMA helped push me to this decision as well, Robin Kohl was right, it was over quickly.

I heard for the 1st time that I was a Sub-Contractor and Lira sat there like we don't have the relationship/friendship we know we had and I was made to feel like I suddenly work for Robin.

 I closed my eyes and saw an image of myself bow in front of him for money after he answered "we don't owe Josh anything" 

I immediately got up and said, "It's ok, cancel this all". I was alone and broken by what I witnessed. I apologised for wasting their time and I rushed out, only to run into fans on Ghandi Square with tears under my sunglasses hiding and pretending everything is still fine on what was the worst day. 

Bottling everything caused heavy depression and killed my productivity because I realised I've been fooled and lost time and years of my life I can never get back and I could've been much further without Lira had I known that I was just a "sub-contractor". 

Joshua also confirmed that he cut all contact with Lira.

"I cut all communication via email and finally after CCMA because they had their chance to speak, pay me and prevent this. The fact that Lira makes Robin her mouth piece, I didn't wanna deal with a man who can dare call a kullid man, a slave in the US and undermine me because I'm not qualified in his eyes, which is evident in his channel 24 response. 

And yet through my heartbreak and anger, I didn't walk off that tour but stayed to chase the Dream on (for Lira and all the creative conversations and plans we spoke of over the years). The Dream I was living had suddenly become a job and Robin was my boss. I felt sold like a real slave. I only remember agreeing to work for Lira."

Joshua Zacheus: I could've been much further without Lira

Joshua ended the interview with this Open Letter to Lira:

"Ling Ling you know I didn't want all this for you, but I hope you see this as an opportunity to redeem yourself as you. You forgot you found me on a horse like Django, independent and on a mission but you let Robin & money blur your vision and cloud your good reason. 

You knew all my personal projects & struggles from supporting my family to trying keep a relationship and you let your spiteful husband who has personal issues with me have the last say over everything we've built without proper and adequate notice, leaving me with unexpected debt and stress. 

I cried out to you and you forgot who I was answered in short, "Joshua remember who you are" and it came back to me I am no man's slave I was born to lead so I owe it to you for pushing me towards the truth. I guess this is the push your life needs now so Remember who you are Lira Remember... God can turn it around for you too, seek Him now. 

Maybe it's time to Embrace motherhood and get some perspective on life and your value for those who enrich the quality of your life, I know fatherhood will be good for Robin especially. I cherished you but you didn't return my loyalty after all and that old friend that was a bad bad Kohl. So I'm sorry, but You and Robin activated this Bushie's no mercy mode."


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