JR throws shade at Amapiano

Rapper says genre is nothing but recycled lyrics

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | JR  | Drama

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Tabure Thabo Bogopa Junior, who performs under the stage name JR is always happy to make the circle bigger for new artists and music styles but this week he was just not feeling Amapiano. 
JR, widely known for his versatile abilities in music which include motswako rap, decided he needed to school SA on what counts as talent and good music in SA. Haibo. 
JR’s single “Make the circle bigger” garnered over 100,000 views in just 4 weeks so we can understand him wanting to preach but not everyone was happy with what he had to say. 
"I’ve produced and written across Genres EXTENSIVELY, Rock, Pop, Rap, House, AmaPiano, Choral Music etc. I can talk on ANY genre.” JR posted on Twitter. 
He continued to dig into Amapiano when he said: "The sad thing about AmaPiano is that there’s a handful of songwriters. Everyone else is just recycled. Was speaking to some artists last week who said “This is Piano haona di Rules”. Don’t be narrow minded ANYONE can write music... my emphasis being WRITING. I don’t care who writes as long as they do.”
Amapiano is a mix of deep house, gqom all mixed in with the jazzy, soulful sound of a piano. Artists like Tall Ass Tee and The Soul Dictators are putting a new spin in the culture of South African music and they are creating a new wave in the house music scene. 
Amapiano frontrunner Kabza De Small tops the list of the most streamed South African artists on Spotify in SA.
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