Jub Jub's Mother Will Keep Fighting

She is not deterred by her case's initial dismissal

By  | Dec 30, 2021, 08:17 AM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

Image of Mama Jackie
Jacqueline ‘Mama Jackie’ Maarohanye, Jub Jub’s mother, has been to court to request that her son’s accusers be forced to retract their rape allegations and apologise, but the case has not been going too well for her. Now, she has made it clear that she is not giving up. 
Actress Amanda du Pont and political figure Masechaba Khumalo, along with a woman who claims to be Jub Jub’s cousin, recently came forward to share their stories of the physical and sexual assault they experienced at the hands of the rapper. 

Amanda put forth a video, following comments made by Jub Jub on Podcast and Chill with MacG, in which he bragged about “smashing” her – a slang term for sleeping with her. In the tear jerking video, she spoke of how he had raped her for two years while they were in a relationship, and said he had even tried to kill her one time.

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Masechaba came forth to say she believed Amanda, sharing a story of her own, on how she had experienced the same thing in Mama Jackie’s house. Both women held the older woman complicit in her son’s crimes, which she did not take kindly. Amanda even accused her of being a criminal, and said she uses dark magic – muti. 

The three have been locked in a public legal battle since then, with Mama Jackie denying ever having met Masechaba before. She moved to court to say that the allegations made by the two women were damaging and defamatory, both to her and her son. She wanted them to be compelled to take down their social media posts and publicly withdraw and apologise for their accusations. 
But the court dismissed the application with costs, stating that it would be “tantamount to a gag order”. As Amanda celebrated the good news which looked like the first step to victory, Mama Jackie and her legal counsel regrouped to release a statement. 

As TshisaLIVE Mama Jackie will not be giving up on her application. According to her lawyers, the application was only struck from the urgent roll, not completely thrown out. As such, they believe that their application will still get another day in court, only at a later date. 

"It must be noted that Judge Mia did not dismiss our client’s application, but merely struck the matter from the urgent roll."

“We confirm that our client will be pursuing the matter and will be taking steps to set the matter down on the opposed motion roll ... Our client will also be pursuing the criminal charges opened and report the lack of feedback provided to her, as complainant, to Ipid (Independent Police Investigative Directorate), should it become necessary.”
The woman has also spoken up about being afraid for her life since the saga blew up across Mzansi. As The Citizen reports, she has been the target of hostility, which was part of what motivated her decision to seek legal action. 

I live on a main road and is well known by my community. Since the video has been posted, and since the event of 5 December, 2021, I have experienced escalating hostile behaviour from members of the community who drive past my home shouting at me, showing me the middle finger and threatening me.” 
As it stands, Mama Jackie’s application will be heard at a later date, yet to be communicated. However, it is also worth noting that the case was dismissed for not being urgent, and also for being an abuse of court process, and as such, she owes the respondents – Amanda and Masechaba – the cost incurred responding to her application. Considering this, we can only wait for further details on the direction of the process as it proceeds. 

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