Mama Jackie's Case Against Amanda Gets Dismissed

Judge says it is "tantamount to a gagging order"

By  | Dec 29, 2021, 11:45 AM  | Amanda du-Pont  | Drama

Amanda and Mama Jackie
Following the rape allegations against Jub Jub that rocked the nation, his mother, Jacqueline Maarohanye, popularly known as Mama Jackie, sought legal action against her son’s accusers. But as TimesLIVE reports, the application was dismissed with costs. 
In an Instagram video, actress Amanda du Pont talked about allegedly being sexually and physically assaulted by the Uyajola 9/9 host for two years while they were in a relationship. She said he had even attempted to kill her once. 

The actress also spoke of his mother, saying Mama Jackie was a criminal and was complicit in Jub Jub’s assault incidents. She also alleged that Mama Jackie uses muti, and said she had seen it once herself. 

The video attracted a furor which shook Mzansi, resulting in many public figures calling for justice for the actress. Two more women came forth, including political figure Masechaba Khumalo, with similar accusations against Jub Jub, thus mounting the pressure for accountability. 
But Mama Jackie did not take the accusations lightly, as she demanded an apology from Amanda and Masechaba. She said she did not take kindly to her son being dragged like that. She further threatened legal action against the two women. 
When neither of the ladies would apologise, Mama Jackie moved to court with an application to have Amanda take down the video that implicated her and her son. She denied any involvement in Amanda and Jub Jub’s relationship, and further denied using muti or being a criminal. Mama Jackie, through her attorneys, alleged that the ladies were purposely misleading the public by alleging that she defrauded Oprah Winfrey. 

After at least two weeks, the verdict finally came out, and the judge threw out Mama Jackie's application. According to the high court Judge Shanaaz Mia, Mama Jackie’s request is tantamount to a gagging order, which would be wrong.
In her application, she had also asked that Amanda and Masechaba publicly retract their statements and apologise to both her and her son. Her application was on an urgent basis, but Judge Mia was not satisfied with the case for urgency. 

Following the verdict, Amanda went on her social media to celebrate the news. She has thanked her legal team as well as Judge Mia for standing up for her and for Masechaba, as well as for all other women. She is happy she spoke up, even though it turned sour when she first spoke out. 
While Mzansi will be reeling from this news and awaiting Mama Jackie’s next step, Amanda’s fans and followers are glad she does not have to retract her statement or apologise. As it stands, the ball is in Jub Jub’s and Mama Jackie’s court. 

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