"Kelly Khumalo Must Burn In H*ll"- Nota Baloyi

He drags Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo for filth

By  | Sep 08, 2022, 10:41 AM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

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Controversial seasoned music executive Nota Baloyi, has dragged Uyajola 9/9's host Jub Jub and his baby mama Kelly Khumalo for filth.

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Nota gained a reputation for his no-filter commentary on celebrities' private lives, and he is not shy about confronting them online or physically.

The music mogul did not mince his words when he took a swipe at Jub Jub for trending every Sunday for exposing unfaithful partners. Jub Jub consistently tops the Twitter trends list every Sunday evening for exposing infidelity on his Moja Love's reality cheating show Uyajola 9/9.

Nota dragged him for always being a hot topic on Twitter but allegedly failing to spend quality time with his son Christian. He further lambasted Kelly Khumalo for allegedly preventing her son from having a relationship with his father.

"Jub Jub needs to spend time with his son… He’s trending every weekend for catch cheating couples & putting a spotlight on infidelity but that doesn’t mean his son doesn’t deserve to have his father in his life. Kelly Khumalo must burn in hell for denying her son a relationship," he tweeted.
For the longest time, Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub have been at loggerheads over their son Christian. Jub Jub accused Kelly of denying him access to his son, but the songstress claims Jub Jub does not want to have a relationship with Christian.

Jub Jub once wished Kelly a Happy Mother's Day, “Despite our differences, I would like to wish the woman who carried and brought my son into this world a Happy Mother’s Day.”

Kelly responded to followers who told her to forgive Jub Jub, “It took ME to raise him so take your analogy and shove it up your a**! For now, he’s just a sperm donor! Please respect my son! He did 13 years ago, however, a human's body renews every seven-years so there no trace of that misfortune in my system but the blessing that is my son. No sense of responsibility makes you a useless object”

Speaking about Jub Jub, Kelly said “Christian’s father who has done me so dirty, God has blessed me to not even bump into him. Everyone is wishing every mother in the world and then boom! Christian’s father.”

“I know a man who wants a relationship with his child when I see one. I will never stand in the way of that. However, don’t disrespect me,” she continued.

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