Nota Baloyi Goes On A Rant & Sends Social Media Into A Frenzy

He is even insulting his grandmother!

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Controversial music entrepreneur Nota Baloyi is making his voice heard once again as he calls out Moja Love Uyajola 9.9's presenter Jub Jub. Baloyi inserts how Jub Jub should be a devoted father to his son rather than running after cheating people of his show.

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Nota Baloyi has sparked another conversation on Twitter when he called out Jub Jub with his parenting skills. Jub Jub shares his son with reality TV star and singer Kelly Khumalo. Jub Jub's relationship with Kelly Khumalo has not been all rosy most of the times and that might have hindered the smooth sailing between the pair.

Taking to social media, Nota Baloyi has spoken on Jub Jub's parenting by putting it to him that he needs to spend more time with his son. Baloyi suggests that instead of Jub Jub running after cheating people on this Moja Love show Uyajola 9.9, he could use the same time to be a better father to his son.

"Jub Jub needs to spend time with his son… He’s trending every weekend for catch cheating couples & putting a spotlight on infidelity but that doesn’t mean his son doesn’t deserve to have his father in his life. Kelly Khumalo must burn in hell for denying her son a relationship!" wrote Nota Baloyi
Baloyi has since lambasted his grandmother as he eludes that she took their grandfather's identity to the grave. Nota Baloyi has used rather harsh words to describe his grandmother, however he did not mince any of words in his tweet.

"My grandmother was a h*e that took our grandfather’s identity to the grave… Now we have to deal with generational curses without know who to address them with. We’re too secretive to address such things in many Xhosa families. I’m the only one of my mother’s children that cares!" wrote Nota Baloyi
In the same breath, Nota Baloyi has also called his wife Berita for telling on him to his family that he is crazy. Nota Baloyi and Berita are no longer together and details surrounding their divorce is not known. However, earlier on Berita took to social media to break her silence about leaving her marital home to a home of safe, as she put it.

"The cruelest thing my wife did was make me have to prove to my family that I wasn’t crazy. My sister drove with all her kids from Polokwane to come & see me. My aunts were also concerned then when she saw she failed she tried to prove that to Twitter… The app for crazy people!" wrote Nota Baloyi
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