K.O: Teargas Reunion NOT happening in 2019

Another false dawn for Teargas fans.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

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Just when we really thought we were finally getting the Teargas Reunion that we’ve been waiting for, K.O has gone and pulled the plug on the idea - draining all of our hopes in the process. 

In 2014, following a two-year hiatus from the music scene, Teargas announced that the group’s members would be going their seperate ways. From that, the legendary hip hop act made way for K.O’s now flourishing career, Ma-E’s solid offerings and respectable solo endeavours from the rest of the band. 

It’s been nearly seven years since we last heard music from them, and although other legends from yesteryear were reuinting left, right, and center (e.g. Bongo Maffin), it seemed as if a Teargas reunion just wasn’t going to happen. 


In 2017, after growing tired of the constant questions, K.O. revealed to DJ Speedsta and Lootlove that there would never be a Teargas Reunion. More specifically, he said it would never happen until he and his former band members could finally reconcile. 


But the tone changed a little in 2018. In February, K.O opened up about how his time in Teargas made him the artist he is today. A few months later, Ma-E hinted at a possible reunion during an interiew with Slikour On Life. A few more months passed and fans got really excited after K.O promised a Teargas reunion in 2019. What a U-Turn from the previous year!


We’re not even two weeks into 2019 yet but K.O. has wasted no time in pouring cold water on the talks of a reunion between him and his former band mates. When asked on Twitter when we could expect new music from the group, Mr Cashtime revealed that the reunion would no longer be happening:

Which, of course, prompted its own conspiracy theories about who was holding this reunion back:

K.O wasn’t revealing much, but he did agree that the state of affairs was a sad one:

Do you think we will ever see Teargas on stage as one group again?

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