KO's manager slams AIDS rumours

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | K. O  | Drama

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If you look on Twitter right now you'll see that the terms "R Mashesha" "Teargas" and "You HIV status" are trending and have been for a few hours. Ever since the picture of Teargas members below surfaced, people have begun speculating that rapper and Cashtime/Teargas superstar, KO, may have AIDS based on his dramatic weightloss. 

The comparison with R Mashesha (Who is strongly rumoured to have AIDS but has denied it profusely) seemed to spark the rumour mill and Twitter has been in overdrive since. There's a reason why we shouldn't believe everything we read. We contacted KO's manager who was quick to dismiss the rumours. 

Thabiso Khati angrily told us, "I'm not going to honour this rumour with any s***. We have nothing to say on the matter" 

This has us questioning why anybody would start such a frivolous rumour without any concrete evidence; KO doesn't look like he has AIDS or any other sickness for that matter. In fact, the Hip Hop star is never shy to share his gymming/workout pictures on Twitter and Instagram and encourages living a healthy lifestyle. 

After a little probing, Thabiso was able assure us that "KO gyms and cycles everyday, he used to be chunky but he's now in good shape and living a healthy lifestyle. He doesn't drink or smoke or anything. There's no story here." 

We have it from the horse's mouth; KO is just a healthy individual who has lost weight. Don't believe everything you read on Social Media! 

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