Nota And K.O's Beef Intensifies

They had a heated exchange on Instagram

By  | Mar 12, 2023, 01:39 PM  | K. O  | Drama

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K.O has involved his legal team in his bid to rid himself and brother Scorpio Siya from any foul play in the death of AKA. Law enforcements have not revealed any of their suspects as they claim to have confiscated cell phones in their investigation. However, the court of public opinion headed by NOTA Baloyi paints K.O, his brother and a few of AKA's friends and acquaintances as the culprits.

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In one of his rants, NOTA accused K.O's brother Scorpio Siya who was also AKA's road manager of having a hand in the rapper's death. He also named Don Design, Yanga Chief, Sundowns CEO and police minister Bheki Cele in his rants.

It did not end well for him when K.O unleased his lawyers on him as well as the soccer boss.

But NOTA has not backed down and continues to drag their names through the mud. This time, it was said he was arrested but NOTA went on Instagram to react to the death of Costa Titch. Raising the question as to whether he did get arrested or not.

However, in one of his posts, K.O called him out once again for his defamatory comments. Nota said K.O is trying to stop him from exercising his right to freedom of speech.

"You are getting arrested for ignoring a court order and for continuously spreading a complete lie about me! A constitutional right to put my life at risk when I had nothing to do with the tragic deaths of my two good friends?? My lawyers are on ya," said K.O.

Nota responded by saying, "What lie lose mgod*yi? Your brother set AKA up we watched it on CCTV you’re on my case & ignoring calls for #Justice4AKA ngapha you’re beefing with Lady Du. Musa Khawula your AIDS is acting up somehow you don’t want to sue, is he also telling the truth? Tell your little brother to follow suit & stop letting your lawyers lie to you it’s not cute kwaito flu. You put your life in danger ngok’thanda iskoen ms*nu!"

He even went on live to try and figure out who killed AKA.

K,O Once warned Nota about spreading false news, "PS: Stop playing with innocent people’s names and lives for clout unless you have proven facts and motive! My lawyers rightfully summoned one of you already. We’re all hurting and mourning, but don’t spice up your ‘grief’ and public spats with my name for the sake of trending!"

NOTA said, “They (T Effect) took him to Durban to go die. They isolated him from us. There was nobody left to protect him when it mattered the most. They made him post his location so that they could have him killed. I believe everyone involved in taking Kiernan to Durban was in on killing him. The CCTV footage says it all. We can see who was there for the rehearsals. If the cops bungle this we’ll make sure Tony Forbes gets the answers he deserves," said Nota.

“Durban, we don’t want you fucking AKA tributes, we want answers. Who ordered this hit, and who are the shooters? Everyone but Tibz and the driver, was part of their set-up so Kiernan’s crew need to each individually prove themselves innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. Until we have confessions, my suspects ate Saso, DJ Feel, Don Design, and Scorpio Siya,” he added.

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