Kefilwe Mabote Rants About Her Exes

The influencer slams all her exes

By  | Apr 08, 2022, 11:47 AM  | Kefilwe Mabote  | Drama

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Influencer Kefilwe Mabote has taken to Instagram to rant about her exes who still talk about her and make it seem as though she was built by them. The influencer did not mince her words and it seems as though she meant every single word she said.

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Kefilwe was dating Edwin Sodi after their disastrous break up. Sodi was apparently involved in a multimillion rand asbestos audit contract in 2014. Sodi was arrested on corruption charges with the Hawks having seized over R300 million worth of possessions and over twenty-five luxury cars.

Kefilwe's  involvement in his looting was questioned by trolls but she told them that she had nothing to do with it.

Kefilwe announced their break up in a cheeky sm post, "Good Evening to my fellow Singletons. Being single?! A beautiful journey! Had to rediscover myself, wants, dislikes, and non-negotiable. And one thing about me?! I’m nosediving back into work after ending my mourning period. Ready to conquer and take over. And remember ladies: one has to be amazing to be a good addition into your life. Azishe, let’s go," she wrote

Now, she ranted at an unnamed ex and told them to not go round claiming her.

"Once in a while you need to set the record straight. And I will do so, and once only. My brand was never made nor built by a man. All the men I have previously dated humiliated me to the point of no return. Some, even went to the extent of taking all the bags and clothes they bought for me to see if I'm, strong enough to do it without them. Some even took the cars and gifts back but even this has never stopped me from bouncing back. Much like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes because at the end of the day, you can never keep a good girl down."

She then slammed the ex boyfriend for even speaking about her because they dated for a short while. 

"Just because we dated for a mere 5 minutes, now all of a sudden you think you made me?" she laughs. "What a joke! None of you made me! And I will continue to say this until your hearing is impaired because it needs to be said. Everything I own is mine including the assets which are all under my name. I do not owe anyone even a dime, for what I have built is a result of tirelessly working my whole life to reach this pinnacle of success."

"To make matters even interesting, I would even support these "so called men" using my hard-earned money to contribute towards their livelihood and taking care of their families, yet now these same individuals have the sheer audacity to talk about me behind my back gossiping that 'I didn't stick around when things got tough.' The sheer nerve to say such about me behind my back is something that will never cease to amaze me," she ranted. 

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