Could Wanda Baloyi Be Dissing Kelly Khumalo?

Their friendship recently ended

By  | Oct 01, 2022, 10:14 AM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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Following Kelly Khumalo's revelation that her friendship with best friend Wanda Baloyi ended, fans have expressed concern and heartbreak. The two former besties were friendship goals for a lot of people and their bond served as inspiration. 

On the season finale of Life With Kelly, she revealed that her friendship with Wanda has ended. 

Speaking to her mother Ntombi Khumalo, Kelly spoke about what happened at The Vaal during their vacation. 

Wanda felt as though Kelly was uninterested in talking to her as she slept most of the time. Kelly on the other hand lashed out at Wanda for saying she is absent and drunk. 

Kelly said had she not been drunk, Wanda was going to feel her wrath. "I am mad and thank God that I had a bit of a drink because if I was sober I was going to just break that place into pieces and the people in it, I am not lying to you," Kelly said.

"When Wanda needs support from me she gets it. She sent me a message while I was doing my nails, and said she was emotional. I did not bother to find out what was going on. I asked her where she was. Whenever she is tired and heartbroken I say let's have dinner at my house. This is me doing this for her outside my own demons that I am fighting on a daily basis that nobody cares about. I was exhausted and I just woke up in the morning and heard that Wanda was spilling wine inside the house."

Kelly said she does not want anything to do with Wanda anymore, "I am very mad and I don't want to even see Wanda at this point. Her plan was to embarrass me. She's selfish, and centered

"Wanda can f*ck off. I never want to hear about her again. Even my clothes that I left in her house, I don't want them she can burn them. I want nothing to do with her," she said.

Wanda has not said anything about this as yet but she posted cryptic IG
Posts seemingly addressing issues people have with one another. 

In the first one, she shared a post talking about distancing your self from people in order to take care of your own self. 
The other post talks about backstabbers, "I have laughed with people who have said the most terrible things about me and think I don't know."

On the season finale, her friendship with Wanda might have ended but this saw the beginning of a new relationship with her sister Zandie Khumalo. 

They saw a therapist together with their mother and Zandie revealed that she made so many efforts to try and get Kelly to sit down with her and resolve the issues they had. 

"If you're going to accuse me of something, have proof," said Zandie. "I offered to give my sister proof, anything. If you spoke about a bank I told her I will take bank statements and give them to you, let's go through them one by one, but she was not willing to listen."

Kelly Khumalo said "You know I'm a very factual person. I speak from a place of facts, but now I have proof from promoters that have given me proof and it's not one promoter, a couple of them. I still have to date those proofs. But I don't want to get into that," she said. 

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