Kelly Khumalo's Name Used To Scam Event Owner!

Her brother in law was behind it!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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It's bad enough that celebrity scams are rampant these days, but now you can't even trust family? As they say, it really be your own sometimes and Kelly Khumalo found out the hard way after her brother in law was accused of using her name to pull off an elaborate cash heist.

The owner of a KZN entertainment venue claims that Zandi Khumalo's husband, Mhlo Gumede duped him into paying R17,000 for a concert that never ended up taking place. According to a report in Daily Sun, Bhekhani Ndlovu from Gesh Lounge and Entertainment is fuming after Mhlo made off with his money after promising that Kelly Khumalo and Vusi Nova would perform at his show.
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If Bhekhani's name sounds familiar to you it's because just yesterday we were writing all about how Mampintsha owes him money for a no show at a gig in December. He's back in the papers again, this time chasing another famous face in Mhlo Gumede.

According to the reports, it all began when Zandi was booked to perform at Gesh Lounge last year. The gig went well and that's when Mhlo intervened to offer Kelly and Vusi as a massive double bill in the future.
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The event was too exciting to turn down and Bhekhani had no hesitation paying the R17,000 that was needed up front. He describes the situation in his words:

“I knew he was Kelly’s brother-in-law and that he used to be with Mabala Noise, and that he’d worked with a lot of big artists such as Vusi Nova.

“He gave me Zandi’s banking details. I never queried this because my understanding was that they were working as a team. I then started making payments into Zandi’s bank account but I realised something was wrong when Mhlo told me not to post anything about the event."

Why would you host an entire event and not promote it? He investigated what was beginning to look like a fishy arrangement until he called Kelly Khumalo herself. To his horror, she knew nothing about the gig. He explained,

“I then asked someone to check with Kelly if she was aware of this event. To my surprise, Kelly had no knowledge of it,”

Mhlo is currently denying taking the money that was allegedly paid to him.

Do you think he should be held accountable for this latest saga?

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