Mzansi Is Happy With Kelly Khumalo's Decision

Zimbabwe, not so much

By  | Nov 05, 2021, 12:56 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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Kelly Khumalo’s fans are excited after she made a big decision to boycott an event. She was scheduled to grace the reopening of the Garwe restaurant in Zimbabwe, following its closure due to the pressures of Covid-19 and its accompanying regulations. The restaurant was set to reopen on 4th November 2021. 

Initially, Somizi was booked as the guest chef at the event. That was until his invitation was abruptly revoked when The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe created an uproar. They took issue with the fact that he is openly homosexual, and in the letter, they said they did not want him disturbing of Zimbabwe as a country. 

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Kelly was invited to grace the event to replace Somizi, and up until the night before the event, she was attending and excited about it. However, Somizi came out to tell his side of the story, and Kelly heard about the real reason why Somizi was removed. This information led her to cancel her own appearance at the event, in a move many social media users consider brave.
South Africans on twitter felt that the cancellation of Somizi by Zimbabwe was a personal slight, and did not take to it kindly. Many had gone online to bash the country and call out the citizens for hypocrisy. This is why Kelly’s decision was particularly endearing for SAns, as it felt like she helped restore dignity. 

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The saga seems to have resulted in an unintended consequence, as Zimbabweans are locked in a twar with Mzansi. Naturally, Zimbabweans are not taking kindly to the things that South Africans are saying about them, and are now hitting back. 

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It might be useful to remember that it was not the whole country of Zimbabwe that shunned Somizi, and Kelly’s decision to stand with Somizi is not a slight at the country either. However, at the moment, it seems emotions are running high, and other issues are being brought into the saga, including immigration issues between the two countries. Some tweeps have pointed this out, but unfortunately, they are in the minority and their voices are getting lost in the hubbub. 

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We hope this whole saga blows over soon, seeing as the restaurant reopening has passed anyway. Interesting enough, the restaurant in the middle of the drama has been quiet on the subject, and it is unknown whether they intend to issue a statement at any point. Either way, we hope our celebrities did not accidentally start an international war, which is what it is looking like on social media right now. 

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