"Kenny Kunene is an attention seeker" says Black Twitter

The hitmen who shot Kunene play for Bafana Bafana says black twitter.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Kenny Kunene  | Drama


Self-made millionaire businessman Kenny ''Sushi King'' Kunene was reportedly involved in a shoot out in Norwood, he claims his car was shot at 21 times.


While Kenny is probably at home being grateful for surviving what was probably the scariest night of his life, black twitter is at it again with their jokes. Black twitter doesn't believe that a man's car could be shot at 21 times, and none of the bullets penetrated through the car and not a single bullet hit him. 

But guys, ever heard of miracles? 


Twitter argues that the Sushi King is such an attention seeker that he would go as far as fake his own death just for attention. It's been a while since the self-made millionaire was in the news for anything really, Twitter says there is no way a person being shot at would have the right mindset to even count how many bullets were shot at them. 

We really don't know who to believe because while black Twitter may have a point, why would a man like Kenny lie about something as serious as this. They even went as far as saying that ANN7 had these tweets saved in drafts because of how fast they broke the news.

But also guys, in Kenny's defence, he has a son who is a few months old. Why would he risk the opportunity for his son to grow up with a present father?

Here are some of the tweets, Is black Twitter being insensitive or is Kenny Kunene really an attention seeker? You decide.


Main Image Credit: Instagram.com/@Kenny_Kunene

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