Khanyi Gets Dragged For Her "Wack" Acting Skills

It's time they put some respect on her name

By  | Jan 04, 2022, 09:46 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Ever since Khanyi Mbau landed a role as Zandile on The Wife, she has been receiving a lot of hate as to whether or not she can really play out the role as effectively as is needed. And while that happened a while ago, it seems tweeps are still bitter about the news and now many remain questioning her acting skills.

Taking to Twitter, tweeps took to saying that Khanyi is not really that talented and that she only bags her acting roles because she has a huge following and knows all of the major producers in the industry.

This comes barely a few hours after beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase was crowned “The Queen of Acting” after she announced that she had landed an acting gig. Just like Mihlali, tweeps believe that Khanyi’s acting is not really that good as everyone makes it out to be.

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As you can already imagine, Khanyi’s fans have decided that they will not allow their favourite actress to get dragged for what they believe to be lies. According to them, Khanyi should not be compared to upcoming talent stating that she has been in the industry long enough.

Tweeps had even said that the reason Khanyi cannot act is because she did not go to acting school. Fans, in response, have demanded that the trolls put some respect on Khanyi’s name.  She doesn’t need to go to media school because she can actually act.

Fans have also added saying that many only seem to be hating on Khanyi based on the many controversies that surround her life. Instead, they should not let all that drama blind them to see her actual talent. Khanyi may be a lot of things but she is a good actress.

It really is refreshing to see that despite everything that Khanyi has had to endure, she has her loyal fans always having her back even when she doesn’t know it. Khanyi, who has not responded to what Black Twitter seems to have against her, just recently celebrated her one year anniversary with her bae Kudzai.

She took to her Instagram to pen Kudzai the sweetest message ever and we love to see that these two remain stronger than ever. Even though they could not be together because of the travel bans, he still treated her to a lovely anniversary that had many green with envy.

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