The Wife Puts Viewers On A Rollercoaster Of Emotions

Hlomu's heartbreaking loss has viewers at the edge of their seats

By  | Jan 21, 2022, 08:59 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Showmax series Hlomu: The Wife, continues to trend and give people something to debate about every single week. While this week's episodes were 'meh', viewers cannot help but discuss some of the scenes which kept them at the edge of their seats.

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Last week, we saw how Mqhele, played by Bonko Khoza, physically abused his wife Mahlomu, played by Mbalenhle Mavimbela. The abuse was very triggering to many seeing how gender based violence is a pandemic on it's own in Mzansi.

What made it even more sad was the fact that Hlomu had just found out she is pregnant with their first child. A night out with her friends turned into a nightmare because not only did she drink heavily, she also got abused and took some strikes to her abdomen and she eventually miscarried.

This double whammy for Hlomu resulted in her finding her way back to her ex lover, Sandile, played by Kay Sibiya, and they met over lunch.

Viewers are now finding it hard to romanticise Mqhele and Hlomu's relationship as abuse is slowly killing it.

On to some more 'meh' storylines, the old granny and her husband had viewers skipping a huge chunk of the episodes. The granny claims to be a part of the Zulu family but the brothers could not care less of them. Viewers think the producers are trying to make up for killing off Mpande Zulu because he added humour.

But what made viewers extremely happy was Nqoba Zulu's, played by Abdul Khoza, storyline. Not only is his acting skills top tier, but his storyline is the most intriguing as well. He is fooling around with Palesa who is the wife's commissioner. The same police commissioner who they are trying to get Zandile, played by Khanyi Mbau, out from prison. They have to raise R80 million to get her out from prison, but currently have R65 million.

With Nqoba sleeping with his wife, should he get caught, the brother's only chance at getting Zandile out from prison could get ruined.

Here's how viewers reacted:

Last week we saw Khanyi Mbau make her debut and she nailed it. Speaking in detail about Khanyi's character, Stained Glass showrunner Gugu Ncube-Zuma said season 2 will be based on Zandile.

"Season 2 is told through the eyes of uZandile. We'll be exploring Nkosana and Zandile's love story and finding out more about their history. We'll get to know Zandile as the matriarch of the Zulu family, the glue who held the Zulu brothers together. In Season 2, she wants to reclaim her position, a role that uHlomu has now taken over in her absence. Get ready to see the world through Zandile's eyes.

“Khanyi is talented and had the range so necessary for this role. She has depth and rawness; she's able to tap into the dark side that Zandile has, as well as give that vulnerability that we'll see, especially with the love between her and Nkosana. As a production team, we've worked with her before, and we know she'll bring that grit that is needed for the character of Zandile."

Khanyi said the challenging part is living up to people's expectations, “The greatest challenge for an actress is being a part of a story that everyone knows. That brings a lot of expectations that you need to live up to. There’s a cult around this show so there’s a lot of pressure. And before being part of the cast, I am a fan, so I really don’t want to drop the ball. For me to depict this character is really something that can either make me or break me, to be quite honest with you, but I love the thrill.”

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