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She is nailing this role

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Khanyi Mbau has made her highly anticipated debut on Showmax's popular telenovela, The Wife, and fans were left thoroughly impressed. The actress and socialite woke the 5AM squad to watch her in action and many agree that she brought the character to life, just the way they had imagined.

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Khanyi plays Zandile - The Resolute, who is married to Nkosana played by Mondli Makhoba. When the announcement was made, many did not think she would live up to what the book painted Zah to be. But boy did she break a leg and gave the character life.

On the latest episode, Zandile heard the devastating news of her children's passing. While many would probably lose their minds, Zandile remained cold and showed no emotion whatsoever. This is what impressed many and they gave Khanyi her flowers.

Although her introduction to the show is brief for season 1, her character Zandile will be brought about in detail in season 2.

A fan said Khanyi's reaction to her sons death is nothing they expected and Khanyi agreed because she has never met someone like her before. "A Son she hasn’t seen in 17 years… jail changed u… u will get to know Zandile like I have come to understand her. She is not what I have experienced," Khanyi said.

Even though she enjoyed playing the character, Khanyi said Zandile frustrates her.

Here's how fans reacted:

Just a week ago, viewers were not impressed by Khanyi's acting skills and concluded that she cannot act. Which is kind of absurd if you think about seeing what she did on Happiness Is A Four Letter Word.

Speaking in detail about Khanyi's character, Stained Glass showrunner Gugu Ncube-Zuma said season 2 will be based on Zandile.

"Season 2 is told through the eyes of uZandile. We'll be exploring Nkosana and Zandile's love story and finding out more about their history. We'll get to know Zandile as the matriarch of the Zulu family, the glue who held the Zulu brothers together. In Season 2, she wants to reclaim her position, a role that uHlomu has now taken over in her absence. Get ready to see the world through Zandile's eyes.

Gugu then applauded Khanyi, “Khanyi is talented and had the range so necessary for this role. She has depth and rawness; she's able to tap into the dark side that Zandile has, as well as give that vulnerability that we'll see, especially with the love between her and Nkosana. As a production team, we've worked with her before, and we know she'll bring that grit that is needed for the character of Zandile."

Khanyi also spoke about the challenge she faced when taking the role, saying everybody knows who Zandile is so she now is tasked to live up to those expectations, “The greatest challenge for an actress is being a part of a story that everyone knows. That brings a lot of expectations that you need to live up to. There’s a cult around this show so there’s a lot of pressure. And before being part of the cast, I am a fan, so I really don’t want to drop the ball. For me to depict this character is really something that can either make me or break me, to be quite honest with you, but I love the thrill.”

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