Khaya Dlanga Salty About Being Single?

The author is not looking forward to Valentine's

By  | Feb 02, 2022, 07:17 AM  | Drama

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Author and entrepreneur Khaya Dlanga just recently took to his Instagram stories to share on how his January has been as well as some of the moments that stood out for him. 

It was during this sharing that he also opened up his heart about what he feels about Valentine's day and fans have not missed the salty undertones in his confession.

First it all started out as what seemed to be a rant. He wrote on his Instagram saying, “Life is just… and then people add their own unnecessary pettiness to it and make things that don’t matter matter… But we carry on.”

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Now while it is not clear what exactly provoked such a confession on social media, one thing is for sure something or someone must definitely be bothering him. 

To add salt to the injury he went on to add in yet another post, saying that he is grateful that he has been given the gift of not having to worry about Valentine’s Day. Should we be officially worried? 

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As you already know, being the month of love, social media is already flooded with messages of how everyone seems to be looking forward to Valentine’s, most of which are of course very hilarious memes that our Zalebs have also taken part in. 

And so for the author to admit that he is happy that he does not have to do anything on the 14th, well, it speaks a lot into how his love life is currently doing right? Surely there has to be a special someone somewhere, no? 

Despite everything though, Khaya admits to having a good start of the year. It was just the other day when he was on vacation with his squad, which includes comedian Trevor Noah and media personalities Anele Mdoda and Sizwe Dhlomo.

It was unfortunate to learn that during his time away with his buddies, his house got broken into and he was robbed of a couple of things. Taking to his Instagram, the author spoke and opened up the incident, revealing that the robbers stole his TV, PS5, laptop among other things.

"Then in the bedroom a bunch of small things and every cologne they could see. The only colognes not stolen were Dior because I had forgotten them in the kitchen as I had left them there because I wanted to shoot them as content…” 
Talk about having it tough!

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