'When I was 21'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Khuli Chana  | Drama

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Ever wondered what some of your favourite celebs were up to age 21? I mean, 21 is a big age for a lot of us. It usually begins on your birthday where friends will smash drinks in your face until you're wasted, and for 12 months you circumnavigate the border between adulthood and childhood. So it must have been a weird time for our celebs too, right?

Some of our favourite faces have taken to Instagram to share what they were doing at this age. And what's better than that, they each have to challenge another celebrity so we've seen this little trend reach several different celebrities.

Take for instance, musician Kabelo Mabalane, who's expecting a baby with his beautiful wife Gail Mabalane, said that at 21, he changed the South African music landscapes with his school friends. He posted a picture of himself standing next to his TKZee bandmates Magesh and Zwai Bala.

Meanhwile, rapper, Khuli Chana revealed that at that time in his life, he was thinking about entering the game. He wrote: "Music was in my blood but I never knew it would be my career. At 21 the seed for my love of music grew stronger. Morafe came and then my solo career followed..." His solo career is soaring and it can only get better from here.

And what was AKA doing at 21? The daddy to be was working on his first offering - an EP called 24/7/366. "It was around that time that I was soaking up as much knowledge as I could as a producer and as an artist from people like you. 6 years later and many of my dreams have come to fruition, only now I have NEWER, BIGGER ambitions..."

I like the fact that AKA mentioned that he spent years soaking up as much knoweledge as possible. He didn't just become an overnight success. I really do wish that people would get this; a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes. Now AKA is reaping the rewards of his hard labour.

All these stories are amazing. But what really touched me was Danny K's story.

The singer revealed that at 21, he had the honour of meeting the late Nelson Mandela. He added: "Little did I know that I would then go on to work with The Nelson Mandela Foundation, 46664, and The Children's Fund. Madiba played a major role in inspiring my social activism and it all began here! Oh, I also wore big ass shirts and had my hair looking like a 🌴. #WhiteBoyFromTheBurbs."

You can't help but feel inspired after reading these stories.

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