Zahara Makes It So Hard To Defend Her

Tweeps think her new song is terrible

By  | Dec 08, 2021, 08:09 PM  | Zahara  | Drama

Image of Zahara
Zahara has one of the most beautiful voices Mzansi has ever been blessed with. But her career and life in the public eye has had some controversy, and now a video has emerged of her that has tweeps ridiculing her. 
A video doing the rounds on social media shows Zahara singing in what looks like a recording studio. She seems to be recording a new Amapiano song, and you would expect her fans to be excited about their fave releasing a new jam. 

But the song sounds off and nothing like the Zahara fans have grown to know and love, and they are not sparing her the criticism. Tweeps have poured online to make fun of the new song, wondering what it is and what exactly Zahara thinks she is doing with it. 

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One brutal tweep thinks she makes it really hard for her fans to keep defending her, as she is always doing something weird and off brand in public. They think she should stick to what she knows and is good at, as this new experiment is just not it. 

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She has, however, come forth to defend herself. According to her, the clip was probably from a light, fun session, and is not actually a new song she intends to release. She even ridiculed her fans for thinking she could release something that whack. 
But we may not strictly blame tweeps for being confused by the song. She was recently filmed looking drunk and disoriented at a live performance, which led many fans to think she needs to see a professional. 
The singer has long been suspected of having a drinking problem, and has been advised multiple times to go to rehab. But she addressed these rumours on Podcast and Chill with MacG, saying she has never had a drinking problem. 

According to her, Mzansi saw one video of her drunk and concluded that she was an alcoholic, even though they had never actually seen her take a drink. She said it is Mzansi that turned her into an alcoholic, and that people need to focus on the great music she releases, rather than on non-issues. 

It makes sense, though, that fans are concerned about her. One off day is okay, and it would not be so concerning if there was just one weird video of her doing the rounds. But it is beginning to look like every time a video pops up, she is either drunk or doing something off brand. 

If she does have a problem, she should consider seeking help. There is no shame in that, and fans are sure to love her through it. After all, what they are sharing right now is concern, even though it may be packaged a little harshly. 

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