Khuli Chana has people chanting for his chicken

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Khuli Chana  | Drama

With a catchy phrase “ho monate ho ba wena” (it is nice to be you), the advert has everyone wanting to repeat it and has even left radio and television personality Anele Mdoda yearning for a streetwise three.




Yesterday Anele expressed her love for the advert and was sure to get her hands on a streetwise three soon. 

While one of Chana’s fans tweeted: “Ke rata advert ya KFC with @KhuliChana. Nice concept and awesome music! @KFCSA thank u.”

And another one wrote: “Lol the KFC advert with @khulichana thou #Classic.”

Khuli Chana showed his gratitude for the support he’s been receiving for the advert by tweeting: “Thank you to everybody that showed love to the Chana Power and @KFCSA collaboration #Streetwise3 #bossmoves #MnateBawen.”

The award-winning rapper has until recently been involved in a case against two police officers who shot and wounded him after mistaking his luxury sedan for that of some kidnappers.

The case was, however, earlier this month withdrawn, much to the delight of Chana who even hugged the cops that shot him.


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