Kwesta Is Saying 'No Thanks" to Club Gigs

The rapper is moving on up

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Kwesta  | Drama

New month, new Kwesta?  Kwesta posted a gem on his socials this morning regarding the direction he is taking for his career in the month of July.

No, this rapper isn't becoming a full time actor and giving up his God given talent but he is giving up the clubs, honey.

The Spirit rapper, mentioned that it's looking like he gave this part of his career up but what may have sparked the 'sudden" decision has been left for us to speculate.

Maybe a club performance promotion turned sour or maybe he's just not about that life anymore. Your guess is indeed, as good as ours.

Looks like every zaleb in Jozi has caught the retirement bug. Not to long ago the comedian, Tol Ass Mo also announced a retirement plan of his own. The comedian is retiring from stand-up and has not really mentioned why he'll be dropping the mic except for leaving his fans a bunch of cryptic "F*** the industry" type of tweets before his official announcement.

Meanwhile social media, on the other hand had their minds spinning on the possibilities of the change in heart from the rapper.

Our hope (like some of ours) is that Kwesta has some bigger opportunities outside the club that are sure to bring in more coin and maybe, bring more time for the family.

Right now, it's all speculation but also congratulations because change always does the body and the mind some good.

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